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I came across some ties by XMI and am curious if anyone else has ever had any experience with them? They seem to be of good quality. With a retail of > $100, I wouldn't have thought about buying one but I was able to get them at < $10 each so it was a good deal even if they're not the greatest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - so what is your personal brand & definition? Please support you words.. I would love to dress as nicely as you do and 95% of your stuff in the WAYWT thread makes me quite jealous. I just don't like the bowties. Quote: Originally Posted by Dashing1 I think the problem is that if you are a dork, the bow tie accentuates your dorkiness; if you are at least semi-suave, the bowtie punctuates...
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko At the risk of provoking condemnation, no one should wear bow ties outside of formal wear. They look silly. I agree. I've never seen anyone wearing one that I thought looked good.
Quote: Originally Posted by ComboOrgan I kinda like it. I probably wouldn't wear it, but I don't mind the look. I must be the only one No, you're not the only one. I think it looks a lot better than some of the stuff I see in the WAYWT posts.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym One had a pretty bad urine stain in the crotch hahaha sick. Although I know some of these brands aren't the most loved on here, but they're good for my standards. 3 express button up shirts - $1.50 each gap peacoat - $10 Calvin Klein sportcoat - $3.00 (perfect fit) Joseph Abboud shirts (1 t-shirt, 2 polos, 1 long sleeve polo) for $1-$2 each A pair of Abboud cotton/wool pants with very nice colors and pattern...
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym The Salvation Army, here in SF, on Geary near 4th has about 4 Brioni suits, 38 short, priced at $20-40, now 60 % off. Did you pick any of them up? Have any interest in doing so? I'd go take a look, but at 2,500 miles I think they might be gone by then
I don't mean to dig up old threads, but is the attached pic what you are referring to?
Quote: Originally Posted by Seanallen I agree. My friend called me up to play some minigolf , and we went and there was some 8 year olds with Crocs, and their dad had a pair. I wanted to pull a O.J on their whole family with the putter. haha I saw an older guy in shorts wearing some walking around a few days ago. I'm in the middle of Ohio, so no major bodies of water around here.
Just obvious things annoy me -Crocs -Tight shirts on big guys (no need to flaunt it) -"Leotardish" pants on large women (cottage cheese anyone?) -Pants that are too short And I must say that I'm glad I'm not friends with a lot of people on here. Too much hate for some of the cheaper brands. Not everyone can afford $400 shoes, etc. Still, it's nice to pick up a lot of pointers from you all.
I used to love flip flops. I would wear them all the time during summer...until last year. My aunt asked me to help her move a table and when I did, the glass top fell off and onto my toe. Well, 12 months later and my toe is finally healed to the point that I can wear all of my shoes again without cringing in pain. I will never wear flip flops again. Not because I don't like them...but because I now only have 9 toenails haha sick.
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