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Quote: Originally Posted by bartil That's marvelous! I'm about to order a pair of cords from, and needed to know if the sizing was like in the US, because I have bought a pair of trousers in US (not the same brand or model though) in 32", and they fit just great when they're sitting on my waist. Does this mean I can "easily" order a pair of 32"s from a brittish website and be "sure" they'll fit my waist just as great? I typed "" because I...
Look on the side of the road. I pass something that looks like that almost every day.
haha that was awesome. I kept looking at the first picture while reading it wondering if that was a previous picture and expecting a different shirt definitely worth keeping alive.
Odd thread But I did it a couple's been years since I've done it and no diseases for me.
Here are some pictures of a trip out to the grand canyon my wife and I took last year. Cadillac Ranch in TX Somewhere in New Mexico I think. We hiked down to the Havasupai Falls - absolutely beautiful. Here's a pano of the Grand Canyon. It was either 5 or 6 pics. And yes, I realize I blew the highlights on a few of the pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Thanks to all of the above! I appreciate the good wishes. It is rather early on so keeping fingers crossed for the moment. That's awesome. And along the same lines I came into hear to say that I'm happy because my wife is pregnant too...but my little guy is due within the next 2 weeks! haha I can't wait!
I smile most of the time. The few times I didn't smile for a picture made me feel somewhat off a bit. I'm just a happy person. Although for my wedding after an hour of pictures, my smiling went downhill real quick.
Thanks for the replies. They are indeed imported silk from Italy and hand made in USA. Sounds like I got myself a good deal then
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I'm curious, do people use bad language in their daily conversation? I don't and don't like listening to people that do.
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