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Where at in Ohio? What shop? Good find btw.
Around my work, I'd have to say very very few people do. I can only think of 2 or 3 people. Thinking back a few months I never really noticed either.
I'd say a 1/2 windsor with a somewhat thin tie.
Yes, but I figured it was fake because of the BIN price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Haemus If you leave CK for the sakes of: you may join the 'cum Euro' look which is not bad per se. Wow that collar spread is huge!
I once took a pair of wool pants in with a small hole to see if it could be fixed, and the local person said it would be about $70 per square inch to reweave them. Too much for me, but it should be possible. I'll have to get a pic of my setup this weekend. Nothing fancy, but different from others.
I know this is kind of old, but I'm interested if anyone else has suggestions. I currently hang mine on a somewhat stacked hanger and I don't like how it works. It seems like I'm always knocking one off the hanger when I get another one off.
PMd. I'll take the chelseas.
Quote: Originally Posted by yo! I wear my hat because I know that it looks good, and at first people give you strange looks because it is different, but then they realize that you do look good and that the hat is not a gimmick. Or maybe they think you look old and that you don't look good. Just because you're comfortable with something and you think it looks good definitely doesn't mean it actually looks good no matter how confident you...
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