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Quote: Originally Posted by lmaligaya the MIT "Brass Rat" is one of the most recognizable rings in the world, up there with a pro sports championship rings, armed forces rings, and the pope's ring. Now that's an interesting bit of information. I don't believe it, but interesting. And I vote for the ugly factor.
haha this thread just makes me laugh. But to answer the question, no.
I think it's funny when people complain about getting complimented. Unless she said it in a sarcastic, snotty way then take it as a compliment and realize not everyone knows the perfect terminology to use when someone looks great. What's wrong with it anyways? It's just a term for someone that looks nice and stylish. Just my $.02
haha, great thread. Original too. 6'1" and float around 180-185
I'd like it w/o the bow tie.
I just got rid of a few that I never used, so I'm at 4 right now.
Very nice. I just might have to give it a shot. So where are you going to get your next materials?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny "Why does your tie have a dent in it?" haha that cracked me up. I wouldn't be able to help but laugh if someone said that to me. I don't have anything other than what's already been said.
Some of them work for commission. However, I think it can be very annoying if they're overbearing. But on the other hand, I would rather them be there too much than not being able to find anyone when I need help.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian About 4 years ago I bought a pair extremely cheap (quality and price) Skecher "Dress" shoes for a summer job. They were pretty similar to THIS. I had the same pair. I actually just found them in the attic a couple weeks ago and are in a bag to go to goodwill. Someone will like them. I also had/have a couple pairs of RJ Colt shoes. Afterall, they do say "Built for life" on the insoles, so they have to...
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