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Did it ever explain how Ben got off the island? And I think Hurley is hilarious. Without him the show would be too serious imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme We're not seriously discussing the fit of a bog-standard grey v-neck, are we? How difficult can this be? Hey, there are a lot of people that think they look good because they don't ask.
Right now GAP is having a clearance on their cashmere sweaters for $30: Might not be the absolute best quality, but it could satisfy your cashmere wants for now.
I'd say no. Black with black. Brown with anything else.
I'd say what you find in most common mall stores would be the most popular (in no particular order)... Stafford Van Heusen RL Calvin Klein Dockers Also depends on the age group I would suppose.
I've just been trolling this thread for a while, but I've just been seeing so much stuff that gets 'praises' that I would laugh at if I saw walking down the street. And as a side note, I have to agree with most of Why's bashing on here. Quote: Originally Posted by Black Cherry To contribute to this rotting thread, here I am from New Year's Eve. Pose suggested and picture taken by my own beard. Is that a black peacoat with brown shoes and brown...
Nothing amazing, but I finally picked up 4 pairs of slim dress pants from gap to replace my dockers
I think it looks dumb no matter how cool/successful the person is.
Quote: Originally Posted by peaklapel1089 It looks like the Nicky to me, which is the knot my father taught so its the one I wore routinely for a very long time. It is usually referred to as a smaller knot, but I think it is medium-sized -- but of course, to a great degree, the size of the knot depends of the thickness of the fabric. It is a symmetrical knot Only learned recently it is called the Nicky -- probably has...
I found a 100% cashmere JWN sweater yesterday for $5. Looks to be brand new.
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