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Got the socks yesterday and they're great. I'm actually wearing a pair right now. Thanks for the deal!
Money sent, thanks.
PM sent for socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by n8inla I am very interested in these, unfortunately this is my first post and therefore cannot PM you, sorry for the ignorance but how is the width on these? I believe E is standard? E is just a little bit wider than D (which is considered standard). This explains it pretty good:
Wish I had $165!
Sent PM on the gingham shirt.
I am returning the shoes today, so they are no longer available. I have a brand new in the box pair of Allen Edmonds Strand. They are size 11 EEE and in the Walnut (1635) color. The price is $175 + shipping firm. I will ship anywhere you want if you're willing to pay the shipping. I bought two different sizes to see which fit me better. I have found that my feet are not this wide I'll keep this up for the weekend and if I don't have the money by Monday, then they're...
Quote: Originally Posted by Curatedcondo For the newbie here...What is a "bump"? When someone posts inside their own thread to move (bump) it to the top of the list so more people will see it. For example, since I am posting in this thread, it will now be bumped to the top.
There should just be a way to sort the posts by when they were created instead of when the latest message was posted. Problem solved. People can try to bump them all day long, but it wouldn't help if this was implemented. If other forums can do it, I know SF can too.
PMd on the Romano Martegani shoes.
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