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i heard memphis has beaten okc in 6 games.
love it.
i live in costa mesa. it is pretty good. ill be moving to irvine in a couple of months. even better. perhaps the most perfect city to live in america.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD spike lee.... crowd will rocking in MSG though.... still... knicks are depleted beyond depleted... that guy is so passionate about his knicks.
mine's exactly 60, you can use my heartbeat as a timer
i dont get the lakers. no sense of urgency. odom is right, they need to be humbled to get their mind right on track. dont overlook anyone and keep focus on the moment. not sure why we cant just go to the strategy that beat the hornets 4x during the regular season. now it's like"omigod, what are we going to do about chris paul?? do we have any answer for him??" of course you idiots, how did we win the regular season games? just look at those. it's not like the reg season...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy brother, I'm 5'6" hitting 180 pounds and having a beer and kettle cooked potato chips right now and I'd probably be stepping out for a smoke if I hadn't run out. you deserve it though. im trying to get to the point where i can enjoy that too one day guilt free.
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 i like some stuff gstar makes dam plus one. yes i have tons of gstar stuff. wearing a vneck from them right now
let's do this guys. playoffs!!!!! Lakers 3rd championship.
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc over spending yes! lol Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy fat drunk brother i always pictured you to be a very svelte, biking, healthy man.
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