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Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy Single Origin Roasters in Surrey Hills: the single best espresso I've ever had, and with an absolutely mad owner. If you like coffee, check out Campos in Newtown. It is excellent. Other than the before mentioned, I would suggest Oxford St. in Paddington, or a trip to Hunter valley, a wine region some 200km north of Sydney.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Rimowa aluminum stuff I got used is the best I've had. Yeah it's expensive and it dents - buy used, and it's cheap and pre- dented. It's never failed and in a pinch I can fix it using a rock as a hammer. This. Get a Rimowa Topas Cabin Trolley. I have one from their cheaper polycarbonate series, and found it big enough for a 4 day business trip, if you don't need to take a second suit with you. For anything...
YHA London Central. Very close to Oxford Circus, not too sure about the nightlife though, but it is relatively new and great value for money.
Been (in no particular order): London Paris Tuscany Sydney NYC Want to go: French and Italian riviera (South of France, Monaco, Northern Italy) Iceland California Thailand New Zealand
If you're looking for corp. fin/ M&A modeling, check this book out: Most other financial modeling books spend much more time/pages on things like CAPM, derivatives, interest rate models, and other stuff that is less relevant to corp. fin/M&A, especially in job interviews. If you happen to know some people in banking, ask them for their analyst training materials. Those are usually pretty good too. Another...
Paper. Usually, the presentation slides were available in advance and you could print and bring them to the lecture. Just took my notes on the sildes and used a notebook for mathematical derivations and more extensive drawings, esp. in macroeconomics. If I'd be in college today again, I'd probably buy an iPad and a stylus to take notes directly on the pdfs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot Thats what I thought. My old roommate used VLC on his non jailbroken iphone 4. So I guess its still in the marketplace. No, it's not anymore. They pulled it some weeks or months ago. Just checked the store. There's only a VLC streaming app and a remote for the desktop version left.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus What do you guys think of putting a steak in the oven and letting it get to 120 or so, and then pan searing it at the end? Wouldn't do it. If you first put in the pan and sear it, you can keep it in the oven until it is good to your taste. You can directly check with your fingers how firm the steak is and thus how well it is done on the inside. If you now however first put in the oven, you would need to...
About 20 to 30.
I don't really have any good pictures, but I especially like the indoor and outdoor pool. Swimming in the winter late in the evening outside is really nice, the water from the pool is steaming from the cold air. Membership is around 80 EUR per month, but it also includes cardio gear, weights, squash courts, a climbing wall and some 200 courses per week, which I never use.
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