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how big is too big? a micro 4/3 body with the 20/1.7 or panaleica 25/1.4 asph is good. then there's the sony nex-7 with 24/1.8 zeiss (kinda big). in low light, the af in the fuji x100 and x-pro1 still isn't up to par. very annoying. x10 isn't half bad. it'll comfortably get you down to ev5 for still subjects. they just fixed the orb issue, too. the nikon 1 system might do the trick someday. not yet, though.
i bought my first watch ever, a timex t5k173, for jogging.
gats came in the mail today. they fit true to size. thanks zeemon!
la weekly did a pretty good top 10 list of the best seafood in la: http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/2012/03/top_seafood_restaurants_los_an.php
hmm...shoulders are a little narrow, makes them look more sloped and rounded. on the fence here.
any chance you could find them in 255?
the fuji x10 is $500. i think it's the best executed fuji x-series so far, and the sensor is fairly good despite its small size. iso 400 looks ok.
pretty much the same. 5'8'', 125lbs, 35'' chest, 17.5'' shoulders, 3-3 1/4'' ties and lapels.lapel width is not a totally independant variable. i like my suits to be form-fitting but not exaggeratedly slim. my jacket has to cover my ass, and i don't want my trousers to show off my skinny thighs and such.
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