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do they stretch out in the shoulders and sleeve, or are you just talking about the chest?
you got it, gradstudent. this was another one of those movies that makes geeks want to "figure it out," like inception, donnie darko, memento, et al. there is not much substance behind the contrived mysteries in the plot. what i want from good sci-fi is something more to think about: questions, issues, and mysteries that matter. i left the theater thinking about the movie but not much beyond that.
well, that was fun. plenty of references, but references don't make a thoughtful movie.
for the jacket, i'm thinking camel or any medium to dark warm brown. consider wearing a solid cream or aqua colored shirt instead of olive, or patterned shirts with brighter colors if you're into that sort of thing.
anybody know where to buy more of these thick, satin finish white buttons?
yay, got the button down. the key collar doesn't lie flat on the right side.
auto-exposure vs. sex(ier camera). i would just grab a used zeiss ikon or voigtlander bessa on rangefinderforum. *shrug*
black shorts are acceptable if they complement your coloring, and can be part of a great outfit. for example, add blue suede shoes of some sort (penny loafers, gucci loafers, bucks, etc.) and a pure white linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
i'd imagine that a mountain gorilla, elephant, rhino, hippo, or crocodile could do it.
jack donnelly ( nicer than uniqlo, topman, gap, etc. unis is good if you like skinny low-rise pants, but i'd only get those when they're on sale.
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