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It seems that slim fit and low rise go hand in hand, which makes wearing belts uncomfortable and keeping some shirts tucked in difficult (at least for me). I'm looking for chinos where the waistband clears the hip bone and sits directly over the waist. What's available that is the same quality as Unis, Left Field, RRL, etc.? Made in USA preferred, but not a must. I should add that navy blue and light taupe are at the top of my list for colors, not the usual khaki, stone,...
stella rosa for pizza? also, mercado opened a few months ago. i have not been, but it sounds ok.
what's the rear rise? it doesn't say on the website. does the waistband clear the hip bone?
yes to the suit and sunglasses, no to the shirt's collar and tie knot, meh to the beard.
people with a slim build should wear blousy, full cut shirts. slim fit just accentuates their body type, making it look scrawny. it needs to be balanced. ymmv.
+1. great review.
the boss's comment is instructive. you should prepare and schedule a meeting with your gf to discuss better style options. she can dress sexy in a way that raises her status in the workplace instead of lowering it.
one decent, one pretty kickass.
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