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oh, what would some higher end military/police/security footwear brands be? i was looking at the 8'' durashocks lace-to-toe side zip and 11'' side zip paratrooper boots. they're fairly clean and utilitarian, which i think is more aggressive than the "hi-tech" look most of their other boots have.
any experience with their shoes? they have several interesting styles, i'm wondering if they're well made.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance I bought some bronze shank buttons from www.ascuteasabutton.com for my Sterlingwear coat, and they're faring well so far. It set me back like $30, but they're much more interesting than their plastic anchor forebearers. Another good site is www.mjtrim.com Oh, and Sterlingwear makes a fantastic product. The fit is boxy, so you'll have to get it tailored if your body has any kind of drop (I've got like a 4.5"...
you could steal it from the arclight in hollywood.
ditto on israeli personna. gives a smooth, close shave without irritation. merkur and gilette irritate my skin and tend to cause bloody nicks.
casual shirts: xs (shoulders 15'', chest 34'') dress shirts: 14/30 outerwear: 34 pants: 28/30 shoes: 7c priority goes to jackets (black), ankle boots (brown leather), chinos (khaki), but i'll check out anything you've got.
yeah, the xs BoO i've tried are more like 36 or 38. they won't fit 34. same goes for APC, Robert Geller, Nom D... adjusting shoulder width requires a complete restructuring, doesn't it?
tried it, doesn't work. if the chest fits, the sleeves and collar-to-hem will be too short. i'm taking a sewing class next semester. i went on a grand tour of all the fashion hot spots in la during the summer, and i hardly found anything that fit.
does anyone know who makes size 14 30/31 shirts? all i can find are 14.5 32/33. can a tailor make alterations, or do i have to start from scratch?
see a shrink. sounds like you have a madonna-whore complex.
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