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Quote: Originally Posted by why Most people start eating six small meals a day when they begin committing to exercising and eating better. In my experience, most people are oblivious to the world around them and even in today's modern secular society people still tend to 'believe' things and can't look at situations logically. Six small meals a day isn't science, it's workout voodoo passed down from big guys with small stomachs and needle pricks in...
dancing is a great indoor activity. you don't even need a workout bench.
they don't make a 34, do they?
Quote: Originally Posted by specialblend Breakfast: Two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, glass of OJ, tall coffee Lunch: Subway 6inch roasted chicken sandwich with veggies and honey mustard sauce, bottle of water or small soda Dinner: I either have stir-fry, salmon/rice/veggies, spaghetti/salad, chicken/rice/veggies evening: glass of soda, maybe chips or cookies on occasion. sometimes lunch becomes dinner and i eat only two meals...
if you think something is making you break out, look at what you ate 2-3 weeks ago. that's how long it takes for a zit to develop. the day before is meaningless. i suspect you won't see any correlation to diet.
really long toe vs. distressed leather. how about this frye brando lace boot? or arkansas boot?
for $65 extra, you can get these from south willard:
sucks about the job, david. hope you find another soon! thanks for the infos. i've only looked for a few minutes, and the rocky leather professional chukkas already tickle my fancy. i wouldn't be surprised if common projects did something like that.
oh, what would some higher end military/police/security footwear brands be? i was looking at the 8'' durashocks lace-to-toe side zip and 11'' side zip paratrooper boots. they're fairly clean and utilitarian, which i think is more aggressive than the "hi-tech" look most of their other boots have.
any experience with their shoes? they have several interesting styles, i'm wondering if they're well made.
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