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a passage to india - my new favorite david lean movie
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bysDJG2O4E this sums me up perfectly.
be honest. the second half of el topo was kinda boring.
i'd say "intacto" belongs in the overrated films thread. it wasn't like "memento" where you just had to watch it again, which is mandatory for these schizoid narratives.
the little girl who lives down the lane lamb
lol, i'm just kidding guys! i could not bear to put tarkovsky on that list, though.
movies: freaks mouchette el topo battleship potempkin jules et jim battle of algiers gone with the wind directors: david lynch john waters jean-luc godard jean-pierre melville dario argento lars von trier wong kar-wai
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I dont like Q when it's covered in sauce, the rub and the cooking should create enough flavor where you dont need to cover it in sauce (just enough to add some more kick) and hence arent left with puddles of sauce to "mop it up". Cornbread or biscuits are just rad alongside good barbeque, not used as bbq cumrags the way white bread is you should really check out bludso's. on the weekend, they have angus...
biscuits are crumbly. how are you supposed to mop up the sauce?
anybody know where i can find one of these (tunisian tshirt, navy stripes) in xs?
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