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i should have gotten 25 in nc, cuz my 26s have weird butt crease fades...
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Any Recc's for cheap eats in L.A? tony c. on yelp is pretty reliable.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Very New York-centric, as usual. But after all, NYC IS the center of the universe, no? no, but only because it's really los angeles.
crap, i should be receiving a pair of quoddys tomorrow, same size, and my feet are 7c. double crap. how did they stretch out? are they now too long or too wide?
a passage to india - my new favorite david lean movie this sums me up perfectly.
be honest. the second half of el topo was kinda boring.
i'd say "intacto" belongs in the overrated films thread. it wasn't like "memento" where you just had to watch it again, which is mandatory for these schizoid narratives.
the little girl who lives down the lane lamb
lol, i'm just kidding guys! i could not bear to put tarkovsky on that list, though.
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