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movies: freaks mouchette el topo battleship potempkin jules et jim battle of algiers gone with the wind directors: david lynch john waters jean-luc godard jean-pierre melville dario argento lars von trier wong kar-wai
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I dont like Q when it's covered in sauce, the rub and the cooking should create enough flavor where you dont need to cover it in sauce (just enough to add some more kick) and hence arent left with puddles of sauce to "mop it up". Cornbread or biscuits are just rad alongside good barbeque, not used as bbq cumrags the way white bread is you should really check out bludso's. on the weekend, they have angus...
biscuits are crumbly. how are you supposed to mop up the sauce?
anybody know where i can find one of these (tunisian tshirt, navy stripes) in xs?
you should read the wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscle_hypertrophy
best news evar!
you made them yourself? +1 way too loose around the hips, though.
clark's wallabees doc martens 3-eye gibson oxford common projects suede achilles low top (might be sold out) penny loafers would have been my first choice, though.
horse bit loafers, i think.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk They fit almost perfectly from the hem to the upper/mid thigh. From there on up, the fit isn't great. It's not as though they fit like FUBU jeans, but the looseness up top causes some hip flare and requires me to pull up my pants rather often. They certainly aren't terrible; maybe I just expected too much out of the APC's because they're more expensive than my older jeans. I did think the jeans looked good when I...
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