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Quote: Originally Posted by bolo sometimes they make the sauce in pad thai too sweet and use too much sugar and the soggy rice noodles are too wet and stuck together. the noodles are supposed to cling together, to some extent. i hate it when they screw up the noodles, or put too much sugar.
pad thai, but not the americanized kind (they made it oily so it could be delivered and still bear some semblance of freshness). the original is not oily and it has to be eaten immediately.
how about your parents or grandparents?
mmm...alligator gumbo sounds good right about now. what'd you end up cooking?
read a book. read this book. in any case, hunter/gatherer societies are the only classless societies.
nonfat yogurt
i would've liked to meet gordon ramsey. i got hooked on kitchen nightmares two weeks ago, and he seems like a cool guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I went to try on the fred perry polo shirts, but none of them fit particularly well. They were too big pretty much everywhere beside the length. The Comme de garcons for Fred Perry was slightly better, but still not great. With ralph lauren polos I wear a boys large 16/18. Are there any brands that make polos that slim? i tried a pair of ralph lauren boys large 16/18 last year. the chest fit perfectly, but the...
just checked the apc store in la, they're all out. i really one, i'll pay full retail!
damn, now copies of 'take ivy' will become even more expensive. they better reprint that book...
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