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they take at least a week to break in. after the first day out, i needed some dr. scholl's moleskin for the next 4 days.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chiaroscuro Olympus and Sony earn an immediate bwahaha. It's canon or nikon for entry level. Hell its canon or nikon up until high end digital medium format, but thats another topic. Like an early poster said both will get the job done, and both have their pros and cons. I shoot canon personally, but I have shot a few nikons. In my opinion the ergonomics, menu layouts, camera feel, and glass dont measure up to canon. Nikons...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Brutus shirts now avail at Jump the Gun Brutus was one of the original shirtmakers (along with Ben Sherman) that was popular in the traditional skinhead era. I dont know much about these new reissues, and who bought the name/company rights, but they look alright and worth a try. Not too expensive either. what's the sizing like? 34/36 equates to a bit large on a 34, and a bit small on a 36?
measure your foot on a scale, then get a half size smaller. i can confirm that the width stretches. if you're on the narrower side of normal, i.e. 'd', you might want to go with their narrow width. i'm a 'c' and it's stretched out quite a bit in one week.
"the photographer's eye" by john szarkowski (same title, different book). you'll learn a lot about composition in this book. all pictures, no text (very little, at least). "looking at photographs" is also good, and beautifully written. aside from julius shulman and ezra stoller, i don't know about architectural photographers per se. you might want to check out these artists: eugene atget, alfred stieglitz, walker evans, william christenberry, lee friedlander, robert...
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz But the noir dialogue was the mark. If you aren't playing with the genre's tropes, you have no movie. you don't have much of a movie if you don't connect with the characters, either. listening to 1990s socal highschoolers talk like they were in 1930s chicago is cute for a while - probably longer if you're still in high school.
i thought it missed the mark, and for only one reason: the way they talked. that joke got old pretty fast. otherwise, it was brilliant.
Quote: Originally Posted by bolo sometimes they make the sauce in pad thai too sweet and use too much sugar and the soggy rice noodles are too wet and stuck together. the noodles are supposed to cling together, to some extent. i hate it when they screw up the noodles, or put too much sugar.
pad thai, but not the americanized kind (they made it oily so it could be delivered and still bear some semblance of freshness). the original is not oily and it has to be eaten immediately.
how about your parents or grandparents?
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