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Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense do people really have problems with pants? I thought it's pretty easy to find size 28-30 stuff and have it hemmed / tapered from teh knee down. All of my trousers go through this. i do. the waist and/or hips are often too big, and i haven't found a good tailor who can take them in well. one reason i'm losing interest in denim. can't do much about those.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley great thread. i've been looking for a new belt, can't decide if i want another ribbon belt or something leather. any suggestions for belts? I also made a thread asking for shoe advice but didnt get many responses (thanks epaulet). aside from vans and boat shoes what else is worthy of looking into? loafers, driving shoes, tretorn + spring court tennis shoes, quoddy bluchers, chukkas, desert boots,...
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz You don't have a clue what you're talking about, do you? i'll take that as a "no, i don't do much candid photography."
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit By "candid photography" do you mean holding a camera up a girl's skirt and snapping pics? photographers are either pervs or terrorists, so yeah, that would be me.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz I have no idea how anyone took a photograph before 1993! If you have camera shake at 1/125 with a 35mm lens, you might want to cut down on the coffee. it doesn't sound like you actually do candid photography. most of the time, the camera is not held steady, and it can be hard to get sharp pictures at even 1/500. image stabilization is a game changing technology, which is why it's so desireable.
Quote: Originally Posted by rocks Yes, NDG shirting runs small but the sleeves are too constricting for a muscular guy like myself. The difference between me and the majority of slimmer guys here is that I'm very muscular, not short and much of my weight is muscles since my bf is around 3%. So while a lot of the smaller stuff may seem right for me, the arms are usually the deal breaker. you might want to try jump the gun's shirts. i returned...
you mean the lcd that washes out in bright sun and whose refresh rate takes a dive in dim light?
does an accessory viewfinder provide a meter display, focusing crosshair, distance readout, iso and exposure compensation settings, illuminated framelines, parallax- and field-size correction, or a flash ready signal? if you weather seal the entire camera, you weather seal the entire camera. and image stabilization is useful even on a wide normal, and not just for slow shutter speeds. it lowers camera shake induced softness up to at least two stops faster than the...
raf xs fits me great (5'8, 34). the collar on boo xs (or small oxfords) is a little big for my shirt size (14 30), but it's close enough. i need some trousers with a high rise to tuck these in, though. was looking forward to mjk's xxs, but i'm not interested in any of his current fabric colors. i have to stop by craft to see if their left field oxfords fit. anybody try those? how about albam?
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