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does pornographer or porn star count?
anyone remember the cosby show episode where heathcliff takes rudy and her friends out to a fancy restaurant and they order hamburgers? classic. my favorite burger is 80/20 beef formed into small, rather thick 1/4 lb patties that bulge when you cook them. you get more pink, medium rare goodness that way. i season them on the outside with kosher salt and cook them in a scorching hot skillet, which makes them really crusty. no wimpy grill marks for me. then i dunk it in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Aizan, Sounds amazing but need some freakin' pics, man! i totally forgot to take pics while i was cooking, but here's one of leftovers just for you! isn't it cute?
this thread inspired me to smoke a pork butt. i got a three and a half pound boneless () pork butt at whole foods and gave it a dry rub. 2 tablespoons salt (a little too much, i'd say) 2 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon black pepper, fresh 2 teaspoons cayenne (also a little too much) wrapped it up in plastic wrap and said goodnight. in the morning, i started smoking it at around 225˚F (couldn't quite get it to 250˚) until i ran out of hickory chips, then i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Or if you do, use butter. lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naslafu Looks like a girl with flat ass = TERRIBLE Give it to a bum in the street. i know they're supposed to be unisex, but i get the feeling that apc's jeans are cut for women. the hips are way too big for guys.
there is so much bad information in here, i'm not even going to start. all i'm going to say is that film cameras look better.
if your hair doesn't look like that naturally, you're just going to make it look bad. much better to do something your hair does well.
claire danes. my so-called life.
they take at least a week to break in. after the first day out, i needed some dr. scholl's moleskin for the next 4 days.
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