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it's a short 'e'. sa-keh
ditto on the burgundy cords. oh, and on a scale of 1 to 10, what are the chances that you'll ever make a shawl collar blazer? i'm thinking herringbone tweed...
the frugal gourmet - too bad about the sexual harassment thing; i grew up watching the show. the galloping gourmet tommy tang's show...can't remember the name. it was fun before they told him to chill. lidia's italy perfect day - tina nordström is too cute
not a problem for me. everything in my size that i want is usually sold out before sale season, so i have to cop when i have the chance.
does pornographer or porn star count?
anyone remember the cosby show episode where heathcliff takes rudy and her friends out to a fancy restaurant and they order hamburgers? classic. my favorite burger is 80/20 beef formed into small, rather thick 1/4 lb patties that bulge when you cook them. you get more pink, medium rare goodness that way. i season them on the outside with kosher salt and cook them in a scorching hot skillet, which makes them really crusty. no wimpy grill marks for me. then i dunk it in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Aizan, Sounds amazing but need some freakin' pics, man! i totally forgot to take pics while i was cooking, but here's one of leftovers just for you! isn't it cute?
this thread inspired me to smoke a pork butt. i got a three and a half pound boneless () pork butt at whole foods and gave it a dry rub. 2 tablespoons salt (a little too much, i'd say) 2 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon black pepper, fresh 2 teaspoons cayenne (also a little too much) wrapped it up in plastic wrap and said goodnight. in the morning, i started smoking it at around 225˚F (couldn't quite get it to 250˚) until i ran out of hickory chips, then i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Or if you do, use butter. lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naslafu Looks like a girl with flat ass = TERRIBLE Give it to a bum in the street. i know they're supposed to be unisex, but i get the feeling that apc's jeans are cut for women. the hips are way too big for guys.
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