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Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell They would be about about 35 or so. so, your xxs fits the same as boo medium? i wear small, chest measurement 34.
if working out gives you a boost of out in the morning?
i would just get the pancake lens, and not even bother with the accessory viewfinder or the zoom. actually, i wouldn't bother with the camera at all. olympus is going to release the higher end model toward the end of the year.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Unless you're Steve Urkel, no. Which is why "true waist" is a pointless measurement, imo. Just measure your waist where the waistband sits. it isn't if you're giving sizing advice over the internet. there's probably a variance of at least one size, if not more. just heard the news.
semistarvation...not a good idea. old news from harvard men's health watch, but you probably shouldn't take vitamin supplements.
that's the low-waist measurement. the waist is the narrowest part of your torso, below the ribcage, above the belly button.
almost always. eating out is "me" time, and i don't really like carrying a conversation as i dine. "my dinner with andre" was pretty funny because they hardly ate anything.
before the neolithic revolution, there weren't any poor people.
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