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lemme know when canon digs mirror lock up out of the menu and onto a button...or at least lets you assign it to one of the useless buttons they've recently added. just kidding! you can customize menus on any dslr. and stay away from superzooms and teles. it adds bulk and weight you probably don't need most of the time.
vito's is pretty good. i feel a little deprived not living in the bay area, though.
virtually any camera under $1000 will meet your requirements. at this price point, brand wars are really senseless. i recommend these cameras because they're on the small side: pentax k-7 - the highest specified compact dslr nikon d90 - very good viewfinder and responsiveness canon 500d or 450d - the grip may not be up to par, but the sensor keeps the pixel peepers happy. get the 450d if you don't want video. olympus e-620 - dinky viewfinder, but the grip is more...
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg The Maliseet Oxford in Navy with the brick sole is awesome, but given my experiences with the boat shoes I can't see spending $250 on a pair of Quoddys. The first pair I got was a disaster; replacement pair is better but one of the insoles managed to come unglued the second time I wore them. Great materials but poor construction/quality control. Seems like they're good people who for whatever reason are struggling with...
those are a poorly made copy of the alden plain toe blucher oxford:
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido hotness.
Quote: Originally Posted by aizan most of the time, the camera is not held steady, and it can be hard to get sharp pictures at even 1/500. a true statement, and not misrepresented like the way you just put it. now, you're just grasping at straws.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz You made a stupid claim, that 1/500 was the point at which you no longer need be concerned about camera shake. This is patently untrue. Deal with it. good news everyone! 1/30 is the fastest shutter speed you'll ever need for a 35mm lens. the reciprocal rule only goes so far and you need to practice good technique to pull it off. how many times do i have to say this before it sinks in? anything getting through...
son of a bitch. have fun with your new toys.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz The issue is that your nonsense about being unable to take "candid photography" without high shutter speeds and IS is bullshit. Follow along, please. they help you get sharp photos under tough conditions. i don't understand how this is controversial. Quote: Originally Posted by milosz A moving camera is not a moving camera - ask anyone who's used a camera. The large movement of stepping has...
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