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what kind of tie would you wear with this? might wear a navy jacket with it.
not necessarily. actual shaving time is pretty much the same. for an everyday sort of shave, i wet my face with hot water and use a shaving cream (whips up faster). on saturday, i'll pull out the stops and take my time.
has anyone gotten a hot, fresh taco at the kogi truck? they're were always tepid when i went, so i just gave up.
pm sent for #2.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Jones dam I just got NC's and have these hip lumps too- however, not as extreme a diaper ass. When I'm standing or walking the flare out a bit. Do they soften/ go away after more wear? the hip lumps are due to extra denim, not my hips join the hip flare club. oh, the perils of following internet advice. anybody want a pair of size 26 new cures? worn almost every day for a year, no washes or hemming. lol...
i was just going to say jazz shoes, but guess i'm too late. derbys would have been good, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by danracer i need some help in choosing my size on apc's, my true waist measures ~27" but i use pants at the hips which measure ~31 i want some NS that fit like this levis 511 they are size 30 should i go with size 25 or with size 27?? thanks go by your true waist, so 24. if you went with 25, they'd probably stretch too much.
got anything in 14 30 or thereabouts? i'm open to any style, doesn't need to be slim fit. chest size 34.
so if there's too much fabric behind the shoulder, there's no way to get rid of it? i'll get the trousers altered locally. any recommendations in la?
i got a black gingham shirt (size 15) and staprest trousers (size 30) in the mail today. they don't quite fit right. on the shirt, the collar and bottom hemline fit perfectly, but the chest and shoulders are too big. poofs and wrinkles everywhere. the trousers fit well through the leg, but the waist and hip are also too big. should i exchange them for a size smaller, or take them to a tailor?
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