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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan He looks like crap, but he also looks like he's levitating, which is cool. nice ensemble, but don't care for the silhouette. decked out for a cold day, and he's walking around with bare ankles?
playing for the other team?
Quote: Originally Posted by sygyzy If thin lapels are 2 years ago, what's "hip" now? lapels that are proportionate to your body and the rest of your suit, in a style that complements your personality?
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense trousers aren't as big as problem as I can just taper/hem everything how I like. know where i can find some trousers in size 28? poplin, flannel, or corduroy, with a normal rise? i haven't found a good tailor yet so i'm not keen on taking in the waist and slimming down the hips and legs.
that's called abuse, and you should call a social worker.
i recommend the canon s90 instead of the g10 or g11. the lens is one stop faster and it fits in a shirt pocket. the sensor is the same size, too. all you get with the g-series is added bulk and inconvenience. if you're a street ninja, go for the ricoh grd iii...or wait until nov. 12. rumor has it they're announcing a new aps-c compact system.
Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 Excuse me while I shoot myself in the face. Actually, the next person to try and strike up a conversation with me about their Stephen Malkmus adoration should shoot themselves in the face. Fine, fine band, but it is NO indication of taste -- in certain scenes Pavement is as popular is Coldplay is on a national level. true, but there's a difference between actually liking a band and just saying you do...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I would add Laibach to the Good pile. the essence of pure awesomeness.
i sorta feel like a douche writing this post, but anyhow: good: leadbelly bessie smith merle haggard francoise hardy the other two krautrock bands wire exkurs pavement bad: the misfits
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