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the only thing we don't know about the leica m9 and x1 is how much they'll cost and when they'll start shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS From the clip I've seen I don't feel that Dan appears dynamic and confident ... but Matt does appear timid by comparison. Nothing personal. i was talking about the photos on the website, actually.
is it any surprise? from the photos on the website, dan looks comfortable in his clothes, like he's easy going and having fun. matt looks finicky, even if he says he doesn't think much about what to wear, and timid. one is dynamic and confident, the other is nervous and uptight. their appearance on the show proves as much. i'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this already, but matt's suit doesn't create an attractive silhouette. it's very top heavy with short and narrow...
if the floors are dirty and/or cold, i'd rather keep them on. otherwise, i take them off.
who makes good quality suspenders?
they already did. the gh1 is noticeably improved over the g1, and virtually identical to the e-p1. that's in raw. in jpeg, the gh1 is better, imo, because it retains detail at the cost of noise, while the e-p1 removes noise at the cost of detail.
picures of the panasonic gf1 have been leaked. if you don't want an eye-level viewfinder, i'd get that instead of the e-p1, since it will have better autofocus. that's one of the e-p1's primary shortcomings, and one of the strengths of the panasonic g1/gh1.
the sequel better involve the gorn somehow or another. +1 for ds9. my favorite star trek series.
what kind of tie would you wear with this? might wear a navy jacket with it.
not necessarily. actual shaving time is pretty much the same. for an everyday sort of shave, i wet my face with hot water and use a shaving cream (whips up faster). on saturday, i'll pull out the stops and take my time.
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