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playing for the other team?
Quote: Originally Posted by sygyzy If thin lapels are 2 years ago, what's "hip" now? lapels that are proportionate to your body and the rest of your suit, in a style that complements your personality?
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense trousers aren't as big as problem as I can just taper/hem everything how I like. know where i can find some trousers in size 28? poplin, flannel, or corduroy, with a normal rise? i haven't found a good tailor yet so i'm not keen on taking in the waist and slimming down the hips and legs.
that's called abuse, and you should call a social worker.
i recommend the canon s90 instead of the g10 or g11. the lens is one stop faster and it fits in a shirt pocket. the sensor is the same size, too. all you get with the g-series is added bulk and inconvenience. if you're a street ninja, go for the ricoh grd iii...or wait until nov. 12. rumor has it they're announcing a new aps-c compact system.
Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 Excuse me while I shoot myself in the face. Actually, the next person to try and strike up a conversation with me about their Stephen Malkmus adoration should shoot themselves in the face. Fine, fine band, but it is NO indication of taste -- in certain scenes Pavement is as popular is Coldplay is on a national level. true, but there's a difference between actually liking a band and just saying you do...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I would add Laibach to the Good pile. the essence of pure awesomeness.
i sorta feel like a douche writing this post, but anyhow: good: leadbelly bessie smith merle haggard francoise hardy the other two krautrock bands wire exkurs pavement bad: the misfits
Diane Landry - If You Can't Hold Your Man IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. If the video does not play, wait a minute or try again later.       I AGREETIP: to embed Youtube clips, put only the encoded part of the Youtube URL, e.g. eBGIQ7ZuuiU between the tags.
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