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what kind of rise do the linen shorts have? i'm ok with 1-1.5'' below the bellybutton, but not much further than that.
shade in manhattan beach.
not sure what happened, but an "all-american" sale appeared and disappeared on myhabit just now. gitman vintage, billy reid, and gant were going to be in it. fail.
letterpress printer and type designer, or a mechanical engineer.
the shoulders will fit perfectly after going through the wash. you want the sleeve to hang down from the shoulder, a detail often overlooked.
still available? shoulder-to-shoulder?
thanks for the suggestions. the distressed LVC chinos and overly detail laden orslow pants don't do it for me, but the EGs are ok. engineered garments intermediates chinos. rise is slightly low, about an inch less than what i'm looking for, but not too bad. it looks like the smallest size they make is 30.
the key collar is jumping the shark when it comes to the short collar trend. the right side doesn't lay flat when you button it all the way up, and the seam where the collar attaches to the body is mostly exposed because it's so short.
there isn't a serious intellectual culture in LA. aaaand go!
i hate that about online shopping, too. some places have good customer service, which makes a huge difference. my trouser size is 28x30, and i find that an 11.75'' front rise and an 8'' leg opening are ideal.
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