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i'm the same size in suits and gv. get the vest in xxs.
what does that mean, "for people who are afraid of seafood?" where do people who aren't afraid of seafood go, and what do they order?
the best gop candidate was ok with "working with the enemy?" something doesn't add up.more liberal positions on immigration and abortion and the gop would have had a much better chance of winning.
do you guys hem chinos, or just denim? i got some tuki's and i'm not sure i'd trust them with any old tailor.
universal works suit chino. good rise and leg opening. can't argue with the price, either. not so keen on the cuffs, but that can be fixed. http://www.oipolloi.com/universal-works-suit-chino--navy-twill
yeah, i would not mind wearing this outfit, even if longwings and shawl collar cardigans are going out of style by now. lands' end hunter green shawl cardigan mercer & sons straight collar white oxford tanner goods saddle tan standard belt w/brass hardware (on second thought, maybe i would just get it in black) left field black greaser jeans alden black and brown longwings ugh, that took longer than i thought.
i'd say the shoes need a mix of black and brown to pull it off, e.g. two tone saddle shoes and wingtips.
the literature on most design related fields is fairly poor, except for architecture. a shame indeed.
the air stank the whole time when i visited manhattan. is that normal?
just some odds and ends. couldn't think of much that hasn't already been mentioned. willis & geiger viyella stetson rockmount ranch wear (inventor of the western shirt)
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