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this. if you have narrow shoulders and are on the short side, you should look for something with a narrower lapel that rolls down and fastens on the lower button below your waist. the points should be higher up on the chest as well.
an older movie, but in case you haven't seen it how about "out of the blue" with hopper and linda manz?korine's upcoming "spring breakers" looks like it might be ok, too.
so...anybody get one of these kellsport hoodies? made in fall river, ma, no less.
driving yourself into financial ruin should be avoided...other than that, figure it out for yourself.
how about spending more money on clothes than they really should? all the time, especially younger people. as for "dressing nicer than people of your social class should?" everyone should dress nicely.
The Metamorphosis: Henry Selick
tortoise has neat, mostly unique stuff.
+1 for blood meridian. Gateway: directed by Steven Soderbergh or Mark Romanek Ringworld: James Cameron War with the Newts: Wes Anderson Epic of Gilgamesh: Tarsem Singh
i want to eat that with ketchup fried rice.
I wish there was a 2D IMAX 24fps option. The 3D didn't really add anything, and the HFR made non-action scenes jerky and sped up. Moving figures were more distinct in the battle scenes, which were cute, so I suppose in this one case the new bit of vocabulary worked to the movie's advantage by reducing motion blur and stuttering. There were a couple minor instances where you could see a person do something from a distance, which was sort of neat. That wouldn't fix the...
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