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hell yes. that is one majestic starship. push up soap dispensers - lots of potential, yet oddly neglected by designers. this one looks ok, but it belongs in a hotel. secretary desks - now that everybody's regular desk is taken up by their computer, they don't have space to read and write on paper. this one was designed by g. tibergaard nielsen. gillette super speed double edge razors - both the 40s and 50s versions are nice. i'm not hardcore enough for straight...
gah! stylish cameras need their own thread. i'm setting up a blog all about camera design; a critical mass has been reached. i'll post some non-camera items tomorrow evening.
were shoulders unusually narrow last season? i got some measurements from indigo & cotton, and it seems like i need to go 1 size up to get the same collar and chest, but 2 sizes up to get the same shoulder.
sweet. is that the inside of a hadley?
here's the matinicus next to a herning.
curse these lousy catalog photos. i was expecting the navy/red matinicus crewneck to have saturated colors, but it turns out they're really dull. anybody want it before i put it in the mail? size small.
that makes sense, but they might have stripped and repainted the top plate. either way, it's brass. when the paint wears off, the thing's not going to rust or anything.
you'd have to ask how they did it, but nowadays for the a la carte program i think they paint or plate after doing the engravings. that's why people can ask for engravings to not be filled in, and they don't show brass underneath. why do you think they did the engravings last?
-1 for the cutoffs and hair color. shirt's ok, better than the one the other woman is wearing.
yeah, it depends on your working style and goals. if you want to digitize every frame, the nikon is undoubtedly the way to go. even though prices have gone through the roof, in the long run it'll save time and money over a less convenient scanner or a lab doing scans for you.
New Posts  All Forums: