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is this brown sort of grayish/taupe colored, or is that just the camera? do they match black shoes well, or are they better with brown?
are the white parts greyish or tannish? cool or warm toned, basically.
measurements on the uniqlo shirts? collar, shoulder, chest?
collar size?
awww. so cute.
what color of chinos match with black or burgundy shoes? i can't find taupe anywhere, and i already have navy. don't say i should get brown shoes, unless you can convince me that it will work with my wardrobe (though personal experience shows that it looks odd).
is the white a pure white, or is it off-white? and is the pink warm or cool toned?
Is it safe to say that you don't want something as large as the Canon 5DmkII or Sony A900, but don't want to give up a TTL view? Optical viewfinders such as those on Leicas and Fujis are most suited for reportage and street photography, not so much for landscape and portraiture. The Fuji X-Pro1's EVF has the same specs as the Nikon V1, which is not bad but definitely pixelated compared to the Sony NEX-7, which is my recommendation.
can you borrow or rent a leica for a weekend or more? there's a bit of a learning curve and it may not be your cup of tea. a lot of mirrorless cameras are going to come out this year, too.
the x100's optical viewfinder is downright impressive, but the electronic viewfinder is already outdated. i've only looked through the universal wideangle finder once, but i remember it being very nice. how familiar are you with shooting rangefinders? have you used accessory viewfinders and superwides before? shot with a telephoto on a rangefinder? i just want to make sure it's the right tool in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: