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i'll wait until i can read the study, but since when was bacon red meat? and who the hell eats red meat every day? i only eat it maybe 1-3x a month.
you'd only save $20-40 with the s95. if you want a p&s, get the s100. but at that price range, i'd look at the panasonic gf2 or olympus e-p2 kits. previous generation, great deals.
the lines will die down if we're lucky. i hope the location doesn't support a perpetual mob like daikokuya or hakata.
you'd probably like the nikon v1 with the kit zoom.
there was an article in the sunday la times about highland park and northeast la.
jodhpurs, you mean. they're rarely made in black, though, unlike chelseas. look for things like alden tankers, white's semidress, redwing gentleman travelers, longwings (and other gunboats).
ftfy.seeing all of these typefaces makes me wonder: what the hell happened to andy crewdson?
mark mcnairy is making lots of shoes that would match black cords. black, navy, or burgundy loafers grey or navy bucks white/burgundy saddle shoes as for jackets, any heavier, textured fabric in saturated and cool tones will work. navy blazer (in a medium-dark shade, with silver buttons, not gold) crimson or pine green corduroy blue-grey glen plaid flannel flecked taupe or charcoal tweed might not match the rest of your wardrobe, though. if it's too much trouble, i'd...
a gentleman doesn't use digital, unless it's a leica s2, m9, or alpa with a phase one iq180. anyhow, entry level dslrs are old hat, and advanced amateur dslrs are next. if you're starting from scratch, look at micro 4/3 (the most lenses) or sony nex (sony is essentially today's contax).
there must be a way to shield the important bits from air and dirty hands...mechanical engineer anyone?
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