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http://www.eighty2ibiza.com/ they use lots of english fabrics to appeal to the english tourists.
so, do these run true to size? i'm US 7.
who makes something with the same quality as the unis gio, only with a higher rise and fuller cut? i'm looking for saturated colors (navy, crimson, pine green) with no fades.
getting her food and drink was nice. i probably would have asked some rude questions like, "how do you get food?", "where do you sleep?", "what's dangerous about being homeless?", "is it really all that bad?", "what have you learned?", "do you have a routine?", "do you have any health problems that you didn't have before?", "what do you think about all the people that either pretend to ignore you or totally ignore you for reals?", etc. anyhow, there are great photos of...
this reminds me to start watching "da vinci's inquest" again.
nice to see someone buying a camera and using it in the situations it's good for. also, thank god the street photos aren't moriyama-esque. $5k camera case...that's expensive, even for a globe-trotter. at least that silver anodised noctilux asph is going to be worth it.
i do. high contrast, saturated colors, bright white, matches my skintone. ymmv.
looks like a bond villain's boat. stylish boats...whatever this is. i don't know anything about boats, though.
http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q311waterproofcompactgrouptest the waterproof/rugged point & shoots are pretty neat.
also dynamic range, tonality, raw headroom, bit depth, etc. at all isos.
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