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gats came in the mail today. they fit true to size. thanks zeemon!
la weekly did a pretty good top 10 list of the best seafood in la: http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/2012/03/top_seafood_restaurants_los_an.php
hmm...shoulders are a little narrow, makes them look more sloped and rounded. on the fence here.
any chance you could find them in 255?
the fuji x10 is $500. i think it's the best executed fuji x-series so far, and the sensor is fairly good despite its small size. iso 400 looks ok.
pretty much the same. 5'8'', 125lbs, 35'' chest, 17.5'' shoulders, 3-3 1/4'' ties and lapels.lapel width is not a totally independant variable. i like my suits to be form-fitting but not exaggeratedly slim. my jacket has to cover my ass, and i don't want my trousers to show off my skinny thighs and such.
tuna empanadas. partly caramelized onions, a little white sauce and/or sharp melting cheese, and a little paprika.
they're currently handling orders through email: info@eighty2ibiza.com. http://www.eighty2ibizashop.com/
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