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where can i get some chalk buttons? nothing turns up on google...maybe "chalk" is the wrong keyword?
anybody know where can i order a pair of solovair 4 or 5-eye gibsons? do they do custom orders? i want a pair in oxblood.
pylon was good stuff.
shoes with garish soles.
i'm thinking of getting the napoli, but their website doesn't say what the front rise on the trousers is. could anyone tell me where the waistband hits? across the navel or lower? tia.
Can anyone give basic guidelines on choosing construction and lining for the various fabrics they offer? What's more appropriate for silk twill, linen, wool challis, cashmere, knit, and grenadine? I know some of this is up to personal preference, but I imagine most of it is a matter of long experience.
what has already been ordered? i love scifi, but space age furniture doesn't do it for me.
have they said anything about making a higher rise version? i wear a 28 and i really prefer a 12'' front rise.
My handwriting sucks and I'm going to spend the summer practicing a new style. If you have good handwriting, could you post a sample of your alphabet, upper and lowercase, with numbers? A sample pangram would also be really useful: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." I know some of you have got to have nice handwriting. I want to see what different styles there are and come up with a personal style. Thanks!
jarring differences in formality aside, i don't think the colors match well. a tan or cream colored shoe would be great, though. there are some shades of "khaki" that go well with black, but they tend to be made by japanese brands like tuki, buzz rickson, uniqlo, etc.
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