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Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Why? You are sending a mixed message. If I saw that I would think you spent a significant time in BA, making you think you needed to list it, and wonder what the implications of that are. From what I remember you are young, think of the other potential candidates and how they are presenting themselves; "I am here, I am ready to do what it takes to get a job in this field". You are introducing a variable...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Currently, my self-printed cards (thy are thin, but look quite good) have my name, email address, and two phone numbers, one is my USA number and the other is a number hat I have in buenos aires that calls directly to my cell phone. I use white card stock with black print (currently using Centaur as my font). I've been thinking about printing my personal seal (which I designed) in red on the cards as well, but I...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Maybe my age is showing but my first thought is that looks like a great place to break your neck or hip. Plus, it just looks depressing.
The saddest bit of this story is learning there are Jewish people dumb enough to live in Alabama.
Minneapolis. And yes Chicago is under rated, especially abroad.
Tough price point, tough match. You could try and complement: http://s7d3.scene7.com/is/image/Ross...882?$detail75$ or http://s7d3.scene7.com/is/image/Ross...023?$detail75$ but black pearl necklace is the obvious answer. agate maybe: onyx/pearl: mature, maybe a cameo (black and white): Complementary: Something Red or Purple. Otherwise black/silver/white. Websites random. Sorry for the serious answer, all the good jokes were taken.
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz Excuse my ignorance. Do religious Catholics find it offensive? Yes. All Catholics would find this offensive. The thinking many have is what they are doing is enough, Mass 2 times a year etc what gdl said, and anyone doing more is a fundamentalist Catholic. There are many more cultural Catholics than devout Catholics in my experience, so there is a similarity that exists per the question being asked.
Make sure you identify the person or persons who can step up and fill the hole your departure would be leaving. The bigger the hole, or longer the ramp up time would be to fill your position, e.g. new hire, the more resistance your boss will have to willingly let you go. Make it easy for him to make the decision you want and you increase the chances of a smooth transition along with gaining an enthusiastic supporter for the move.
Not sure what some of you people are smoking, but I remember 20 years ago in a tony suburb of boston someone decided they were no longer going to pay rent. It took over a year to remove the people. edit: I see Manton has addressed this.
Invest in a startup. Good chance you will get your wish of simply burning through it. Commission some artwork, perhaps a piece to be donated to your city. Donate to the local symphony, ballet, and opera etc scenes.
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