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Off to Hong Kong end of month. Anyone experience a Tantric Massage? Are they just massages with a happy ending? Are the women any good and do they undress. Waste of time and money?
I think everyone has been at some point where you are now. If you are able for half a sec stand back and see all that has happened you too would see the folly. Try to break free and move on.
Where I live most of these 'what you call headhunters' are no better than used car salesman. They generally do not have mandates to hire and use all sorts of tricks and promises to harvest resumes. They then pick through what they like and shop them around to companies whether they need someone or not. Some of these guys are only paid if they score their boss or agency a candidate to a company. In my opinion unless you have a unique skill or very senior in the corporate...
I wont give you advice but will say that time heals most wounds. I am sorry you are in this fix.
I would change stylists. Obviously your stylist doesent have a clue how to make your curls work for you.
I have one 1 female colleague at work who does not like my bold stripped shirts. I have another female colleague who called me the other day a 'fashionista' and thought I was cool. Quite honestly I dont give an f... what either thinks. I am quite confident and comfortable with what I wear.
Starting a new job in two weeks time at one of the Big 4. Looking for some practical tips on breaking the ice on my first day with new colleagues and people who I will be sitting with in open plan. This is only my 3rd company change and I only average a change every 4 years so do not do this regularly. It has taken me 3 years at my current place of employment to get to where I am with my network by infiltrating up, down and side ways. Now I have to start all over again. I...
+2 Berlin
Ok so 36 hours ago I went for a 4 mile run at lunchtime. Since then I have worked 1 day and a half. I am feeling now fatigued. A colleague at work suggested this stuff http://supplementreviews.com/controlled-labs/purple-wraath
what screws me is getting up early 5 days a week. In terms of nutrients I dont know. Water wise yes but I also drink a ton of coffee which acts as a diuretic so I am peeing atleast once an hour.
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