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Starting a new job in two weeks time at one of the Big 4. Looking for some practical tips on breaking the ice on my first day with new colleagues and people who I will be sitting with in open plan. This is only my 3rd company change and I only average a change every 4 years so do not do this regularly. It has taken me 3 years at my current place of employment to get to where I am with my network by infiltrating up, down and side ways. Now I have to start all over again. I...
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Ok so 36 hours ago I went for a 4 mile run at lunchtime. Since then I have worked 1 day and a half. I am feeling now fatigued. A colleague at work suggested this stuff http://supplementreviews.com/controlled-labs/purple-wraath
what screws me is getting up early 5 days a week. In terms of nutrients I dont know. Water wise yes but I also drink a ton of coffee which acts as a diuretic so I am peeing atleast once an hour.
Sydney , Australia affixiation with black suits despite being a warm and bright climate business shirts and suit jackets that look like a draping table cloth on its owner black shoes that are either square toe or sharp and pointy like a jester a general maliase when it comes to thinking about what you look like ....the ladies in CBD seem to dress a bit better
Looking for a legal and safe supplement to take to help me re enegrgise and get over fatigue that develops 24hours after working out at the gym. I am not referring to DOMs but rather a general tiredness that takes over me for approximately 48hours after the 24hr mark post exercise. Would not be a concern if I were not fatigued at work.
if WW2 did not happen then I am sure that I would not be what I am today. I think that is true for many People today.
why dont you familiarise yourself with Riedel/Bormioli and etc so when you see one (or when you dont) you know what it is. I have some Riedel wine glasses i bought new and they are delicate as f...k.
I have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong for a few days over New Year. I am finding it mind boggling difficult to choose a Hotel as I cannot figure out where to stay. From what I understand there is the Hong Kong Island and there is Kwonloon. I want to be able to stay somewhere where I can easily get around and to City Centre at any time of day or night. Ideally cool neighbourhood with access to bars, food, nightlife, and shopping.
does the urine need to refrigerated after opening?
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