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You could have waited for a post or two before sabotaging the thread...very uncool.
Looking for ideas and where to start in terms of buidling executive level business accumen. I am probably underselling myself as I have 10 years in the corporate world but I am starting to engage more and more with very senior people. My goal is not to just engage with them but to be one of them.Business Accument covers many things such as problem solving, being tactical, negotiation, communication, building networks and repoir. Probably want to focus at the moment on the...
I wouldn't be suprised if it was not the red meat per se but rather hormones or chemicals used to grow the animal and preserve the meat. Have you tried different sources of red meat I.e supermarket, butcher, restaurant, out of town? It is hideous what they do to food generally so they can produce and distribute on an industrial scale. I would not suprised if today's processed foods are a greater cause for things like obesity and cancer than the authorities and industry...
what has not been mentioned in this thread is how do male porn stars get their hair removed. There must be a industry standard and I expect they have mastered the process?
Off to Hong Kong end of month. Anyone experience a Tantric Massage? Are they just massages with a happy ending? Are the women any good and do they undress. Waste of time and money?
I think everyone has been at some point where you are now. If you are able for half a sec stand back and see all that has happened you too would see the folly. Try to break free and move on.
Where I live most of these 'what you call headhunters' are no better than used car salesman. They generally do not have mandates to hire and use all sorts of tricks and promises to harvest resumes. They then pick through what they like and shop them around to companies whether they need someone or not. Some of these guys are only paid if they score their boss or agency a candidate to a company. In my opinion unless you have a unique skill or very senior in the corporate...
I wont give you advice but will say that time heals most wounds. I am sorry you are in this fix.
I would change stylists. Obviously your stylist doesent have a clue how to make your curls work for you.
I have one 1 female colleague at work who does not like my bold stripped shirts. I have another female colleague who called me the other day a 'fashionista' and thought I was cool. Quite honestly I dont give an f... what either thinks. I am quite confident and comfortable with what I wear.
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