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I am only 100 pages into the book as I am reading a little slower and stopping to reflect a bit more than I would typically. I do want to be 'over cautious' in terms of what I will get out of this book and do not wish to leap to the conclusion 'that this book' has changed my life. However, I must say that having been written from a clinical researech perspective, I am finding the arguments in this book do have more substance than most of the other 'self help' cr@p...
I don't know what the style is called however I have seen that a number of shoes brands have atleast one style of shoe in their range where the leather looks like its super glossy and made of synthetic. Wanted to know where and in what context do you wear such shoes without looking like a pimp? I have provided an example below Also what do they do to get the shoes that glossy? A side question I have and ignore my ignorance, are the soles on Bally shoes...
Was wondering if anyone has read Martin Seligman's book "Learned Optimism" and what you thought about it? Have any of his ideas have changed you and/or stuck with you particularly if you previously had previously considered yourself a pessimist.
Was wondering if anyone here has ever used the now discontinued perfume 'Monsieur Lanvin' by Lanvin and whether it was any good. I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman a year or two ago about what is the ultimate smell for a male and female for that matter. Naturally, smell like any other stimuli to our senses is relative to the person doing the sensing, however he raved on and on about it to the extent I think he would have given his left arm for a bottle...
Given some of the really interesting stuff out there in terms of design be it graphic art, achitecture, industrial design and etc, I think there is real scope for coming up with some really interesting Cufflink designs. I personally believe Cufflinks as a design medium has been so underplayed. Most of the stuff you see is 'colorfull rabble' or 'thematic kitsch' designed not for design sake or given any design thought, but rather because they need something for the chinese...
Well the premeditated Soda on the rocks saved me last night. Was pulled over at 3am on my way home with some friends and breath tested without problem..... "have a goodnight officer".
Yes I do have a well fitting (or atleast I think so) black Hugo Boss jacket from their Orange Collection. Funnily enough I was in their store the other day and they had a white jacket on their manequin. At this point don't want to put my neck out for another one in white. I have some MTM shirts coming through in next week or so and the budget needs to cover them which is both a good and bad thought : ) See below and
Hello All, Looking for feedback on this white jacket I have in terms of fit. I am slightly paranoid that it may look too big and goofy. If anyone had any comment they are welcome including what else could be done to it. I did have the sleeves shortened and the shoulder area taken in a little. It's a size 51 and I am a 5,10 thin but broad shouldered. Thanks & & & &
If you go out to a bar and you are with a group of people who are tanking out on beer or wine, what is athestically the classiest non alcoholic drink you can order for yourself?...... Club Soda in a long glass and say your currently in training to run bare foot across the Sahara Desert?
I have a cheapish white linen (part cotton part polyester) sports jacket and was told by my dry cleaner that white linen should never be dry cleaned unless I wanted it to change color ie Turn yellow. Was wondering how one cleans a white linen jacket? Do you hand wash ?
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