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I would be impressed if someone could make an Aircraft carrier disappear and the re-appear
A younger Sean Connery in Dr No.
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph Official Theme song is above. Pretty ordinary however might change my mind as the missing ingredient is the visuals that usually accompany the Bond song and the opening credits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire No, they can't take it with them. But they will liquidate it as they age. Now ponder: they are undeniably the wealthiest generation. As they liquidate assets to fund their old age, flooding the market (as they outnumber any other age cohort), what happens? Why, the assets they are liquidating will decrease in value, right? Unless, of course, demand for them goes up. Now, where could this demand come from? ...
Wow. Did not know that they drilled holes in boots.
Pfft I think this is a lame argument coming from the ‘me me’ Gen Y camp who are for the first time being exposed in their young lives to a serious economic down turn after having it so good since they can remember. Historically those who wear the brunt of a social crisis look to the ‘class’ or ‘generation’ in their society who seem to have made it in terms of material wealth. I don’t see this to be any different to the arguments of Gen Y. Is the solution then maybe to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd Hmmm, and what kind of event? Are you wearing pocketsquares, too? No pocketsquare. I had the unfortunate experience today of going to one of Sydney's most 'eminent' department store to try and find a tie. I managed to find a shirt that had a similar pattern. I asked a girl who was an external sales representative whether she was a 'tie' or 'shirt' person and whether she would give me her...
Never found a female Goth sexually appealing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd Hello Star, there are many options. What kind of suit and shoes will you wear? GN I'd gave to say boring dark charcol black suite and black shoes....for now
Not sure if I am allowed to ask this but looking for suggestions for a Tie Color or Pattern for shirt with this pattern and color Thinking either a block color in blue, purple?? or something with stripes that are either blue, faune or brown. Thanks
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