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Sorry to hear that.....I think there is still something great about the lost old fashion art of a man learning how to defend himself.
I have gold fish? Would your resort cater for Goldfish? I know cats and dogs are the norm however I think Gold Fish deserve something too.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah I'm trying to think who I could possibly know that could act as an intermediary. To give you more color, they are a fund that just recently became affiliated with our bank. I am almost positive that nobody in my group would know them. And I don't have access to their employee directory it seems. Let's say finding someone to use as an intermediary proves fruitless, would it be too much of a risk to send a message...
..... if the guy you want to meet is a real professional and you inform him from where you are coming from and why you want it to remain strictly confidential, then there should be no issue. If he leaks or goes spreading the word then i) he is not worth working for in the first place and ii) yes you may or may not be screwed. Either way if you really want this job think of a strategy how to address your concerns and then just do it. Better to have tried than to look...
....and I thought I had problems coordinating shirts and ties
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon I'll throw in my 2 cents and say men or women in professional attire (read suits) that wear trainers for the oh so long walk from the tram/train station to work and back. I have no good name for this at the moment (yes I know I'm in marketing but I can't think at the moment) ... but I will edit this if I come up with one soon I don't now how a man wearing trainers with a suite can be called a 'man'.
I would be impressed if someone could make an Aircraft carrier disappear and the re-appear
A younger Sean Connery in Dr No.
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph http://www.thirdmanrecords.com/ Official Theme song is above. Pretty ordinary however might change my mind as the missing ingredient is the visuals that usually accompany the Bond song and the opening credits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire No, they can't take it with them. But they will liquidate it as they age. Now ponder: they are undeniably the wealthiest generation. As they liquidate assets to fund their old age, flooding the market (as they outnumber any other age cohort), what happens? Why, the assets they are liquidating will decrease in value, right? Unless, of course, demand for them goes up. Now, where could this demand come from? ...
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