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The 007 on the seconds hand is somewhere between uncool, kitsch and hideous. Like the plain black face though still consider the 007 hands a deal killer.
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Art Deco is on at the NGV up until Oct 5th so try and get along to see that ... ... along with merkur's suggestions I would throw in getting breakfast at Mario's on Brunswick St and knocking back a couple of beers at The Retreat or The Brunswick Green ...both on Sydney Rd and about 50mtrs away from each other try and get to dinner at either Movida (book now - CBD) ... or Anada (Gertrude St) ... I'm going through...
Go and try both on and see which one works for you. As per the below I have the blue. It did cross my mind a few times whether I should have got the black (because its argued that its more versatile) however each time I look at the blue I know I made the right decision. As others have mentioned the blue shimmers and changes color. I wear mine to work with a suite and it works well in that its nice, neat sophisticated yet discrete. A friend of mine has a blue colored...
I will be visiting Melbourne over the weekend for four days. Are there any stores worth visiting while I am there? It is generally suggested Melbournians dress better than Sydney siders so I assume the shopping is better? In an ideal world would like to buy a nice pair of shoes however from what I understand thats just impossible to do in Australia. Open to anything else I must stumble across in melbourne. Thanks
I will be visiting Melbourne on the weekend and will be there for 4 days. Can anyone suggest (I gather Melburnians) what are some of the must see things I should do, see, shop, eat, vistit and etc. (Excluding anything AFL related). Anything from Bars and Restaurants, sites, shops and etc Thanks
You need a new Stylist. Ive done the cheap barber, Ive done the over priced hairdresser who think they are worth the rediculous price they charge, and now I think I have the right person. You need to find someone who is able to look at your face and your head and come up with something that will suite you and look cool. The only direction you should give them is that around how conservative/wild/riske do you want the hair style to be. I kept asking my current...
There is an AX store in Sydney up the road from where I work. I have only been in it once or twice and hopefully not thrice I am very much still a novice however I didn't need this thread to tell me that the clothes feel and look cheap. Everything has that hideous large logo just in case you momentarily forget the name of the overpriced rubbish you are wearing. I'd only consider wearing an AX T Shirt with logo while cutting the grass on a weekend or digging a...
Sorry to hear that.....I think there is still something great about the lost old fashion art of a man learning how to defend himself.
I have gold fish? Would your resort cater for Goldfish? I know cats and dogs are the norm however I think Gold Fish deserve something too.
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