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I was in some company today where two senior gentleman were referred to 'Freeman' and not their first names i.e instead of 'John Smith' they were addressed as Freeman Smith. Any ideas what this is about?
I was once told never put a person in a position by asking them directly for a favour instead ask them instead if they might know someone who could help you with what you are after. Asking for advice and their thoughts also seems like a good way as mentioned above.
My personal preference would be to walk away if someone tried to wind me up or be a nuisance. There are two reasons for this: 1) He is either drunk, an idiot, or showing off. I think someone already mentioned on this thread that Sun Tzu in Art of War advocates the best strategy for War is to avoid it. 2) The other reason being that if I had no other option i.e. I or someone I love is about to get seriously damaged, I would tear the fucker apart using very means at...
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq Wow, a full size up from Loakes? That's surprising, expecially with a monk style, which can run roomy. How was the instep on the Lowndes, was it the width AND instep that were too small for you? Anyone else who owns the Lowndes and any other CJ on the 348 last, I'd love to know if you find the instep on the Lowndes to be quite high. Seems like some of you wear the same size in the Lowndes as you do in lace ups in the...
I got the shoes......however major dissapointment 9.5E too small. I can't get my foot into the shoe. I am thinking of getting a 10.5F I am worried that the shoe just may not be right for my foot. If I get the 10.5 would that be too long or should I get something wider. Advice sought
What are considered the standard qualities you look for when appraising a tie? Obviously material is probably #1 as you can immediately appreciate the quality by the time you tie the tie? I have also noticed that better ties remain straight and crisp, and do not lose their form no matter how many times they have been used. Is there anything else? What are the best tie brands on the market and what makes them stand out? Thoughts from Wise Minds Appreciated.
See if you can pick up the book 'Learned Optimism' by Dr Martin Seligman. The guy did alot of clinical experiments to back up his theories on the causes of depression and how a person may be able to work their way through it. I am sort of half cup sort of guy and his theories have had a positive influence on me. Another book worth reading is Viktor Frankl's 'Man's Search For Meaning'.
Recent changes in Interest rate differentials is one reason. Many countries are dropping their interest rates makeing the differential gap between rates in the US and other countries narrow. If you have a particular view on the risk profile of a country and suddenly you are not getting as much interest, you might decide to sell out of the foreign currency and go back to US dollars. This is called carry trades and Japanese housewives are said to be big players in borrowing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bruce9241 So? My style of thinking is that when I buy I buy something more than just the physical product. I also buy the experience and the endorphins that go off my head that give me a sensation that I am happy with my purchase. I do have an old Blue Lacoste polo my father bought when he was my age. Its faded but it reads made in France and in my own way it this what gets me off. Lacoste in my view is to...
I would have no sympathy for a company like Lacoste going out of business. Used to love those Polo's with the tag 'Made in France' now those same Polo's same price are made in Eastern Europe,Asia or South America.....pffft
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