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I know its not Hermes however have you considered a Bally Wallet? Very sharp and durable for a daily wearing wallet. The pictured below has a coin pouch but I am sure there are models without. Have you also considered a nice card holder? (Hermes or other) Suprise suprise I have a Bally card holder in a similar style to the below that I use when I go out to bard and etc. Nice and thin and just enough slots for ID, Credit Card and some cash.
Seriously I sometimes ask dumb questions but did you consider using the search function before posting?
The last time I checked they carried the Cottesmore which is the boot you said you were after?
Google Robert Old
so where abouts on Pitt St and what is so special about him?
Hi There I have a full cotton burbbery trenchcoat arriving in the mail shortly that will need to have the sleeves to be shortened. Any recommendations of a good tailor in Sydney that can do trench coats? I know of a tailor on level 1 on King St in tbe CBD who does suites. Open suggestions and what i need to look out for. Thanks.
Unfortunately you get what you pay for or sometimes you pay more than you should. I had a similar experience with a tailor from Thailand and a tailor from Hong Kong. In the first case the jacket was a disaster. It appeared they grabbed a jacket they previously made and sliced the bottom off. They took the jacket back on the next outing to Oz and send a new one in the mail that appeared to fit properly and be in proportion. In the second case I was actually in HK for the...
any Greek/turkish coffee drinkers here? coffee is mixed into boiling water cooked in an Ibrik?
nope. corporate world (
For me it more about the cost to produce in 2nd/3rd world countries versus the markup to retail plus what the brand purports to be particularly if it is a higher end brand. For example Lacoste once upon a time made wonderfull polo shirts and on the label it said 'Made in France'. Today the same wonderful shirt is made either in China, Chile and or other but at the same ridiculous price point. So to your question if you charge a premium for your product it better be made...
New Posts  All Forums: