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No I can't imagine having to prick yourself 3 times a day to be desirable. I have my blood tested twice a year and it appears whilst I am at the doctors I am fine and this is reflected in the results. I was thinking of measuring my glucose while I am living in the real world (not the Doctor's surgery) and feel the drop. Perhaps if over the course of a few weeks I am getting consistent normal readings then I can rule out fluctuations in glucose as the cause of my symptoms.
From an engineering perspective two straps are always better than one.
Feeling at times feint and hypoglycemic at different parts of the day. Impacting my mood and clarity of thought. Thinking of purchasing a glucose monitor and measuring myself at fixed times during the day over a period of a few weeks. Anyone do something similar? Thoughts? What do you measure?
One thing I have never understood is given all the profits, resources, and know how accumulated over years of making cigarettes; the tobacco companies have not come up with a product that is proven not to be unhealthy let alone kill you. If they put their minds to it I am sure something could have been invented. Perhaps a cigarette that dispenses a series of vitamins and or other good stuff for you?
Well I havent broken up with the GF I want to have but do not have. I have come to the conclusion that a girl I have been chasing on and off is never going to be caught and it is painful. Quite painful moving between denial and the reality. Not a nice thought that someone else is boning her while I am being toyed with all her innocence. I dont know why some men (like myself) can be that stupid.
I once had the highest regard for Nat Geo. It appears that it has moved away from creating content about real world phenonema to content built on sensational fiction. This doco was more aligned with something made by fringe loonies than by the once great Nat Geo.
I did an 8 week weekly Pilates class at work. I was the only male in the class. The women enjoyed it and it appeared the instructor was giving me most of the attention. Poor girls were being restrained by political correctness
I know its not Hermes however have you considered a Bally Wallet? Very sharp and durable for a daily wearing wallet. The pictured below has a coin pouch but I am sure there are models without. Have you also considered a nice card holder? (Hermes or other) Suprise suprise I have a Bally card holder in a similar style to the below that I use when I go out to bard and etc. Nice and thin and just enough slots for ID, Credit Card and some cash.
Seriously I sometimes ask dumb questions but did you consider using the search function before posting?
The last time I checked they carried the Cottesmore which is the boot you said you were after?
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