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Was wondering if there were any Bain & Company fellow posters on this forum. PM me if you do not mind. Thanks
Fate has not always be kind to me on the battle field however it was kind enough to show me the way to this site and learn about shoes. I agree Men's shoes in Sydney are hideous.
Has anyone on this forum been to a Kepner and Tregoe problem solving course? I am thinking of doing the Problem Solving and Decision Making 2 day workshop. Unfortunately due to the major global f...up I am forced to pay my own way(as opposed getting the company to pay) so was interested in other people's experience and whether they considered it value or just fluff? Thanks
Ignore my ignorance however is there not a danger of falling into a depressive state should you ever go off them? I assume however under medical supervision this should not be a problem.
Was wondering if there were any fans of this genre music. Looking for a list of Top 10 greatest Dance Punk Songs/Anthems. Currently listening to single 'Kids' by MGMT ( from Brooklyn) classed I think as either Alternate Rock or Dance Punk.
I think you wear your pants too high.
I think the ultimate look would be a person wearing a Neckerchief, an Ascot, a corset, and of course a monacle. Maybe even a fez at the same time on the head.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Hey guys, I'm also from Australia, Melbourne to be exact. I've been looking for tailor-made shirts for a while now, still haven't pulled the trigger but I've found that herringbone is pretty much the best you can get. They are very modern and funky with top notch quality, you are looking at $400 per shirt though There is also Sarti Tailors, they are in little collins st. in Melbourne. They have more of a...
Sydney's CityRail train system................. an absolute Joke. Avoid Sydney if you can.
Not in this lifetime.
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