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Quote: Originally Posted by mmhollis So I'm 25, I'm not rich so my parents never really gave me a trip to Europe for graduation or anything but I'm really intrigued by the world and how people relate. I am thinking about taking a trip around the world, this is pretty extraordinary for me as I usually treasure security in life. Anyone have any experience with traveling across a continent? Anyone have any tips? If your expertise is in Europe I'm really...
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr Out of curiosity how did you size on the Lowndes? I having been meaning to grab some for a while and am not sure on the sizing... I usually take a 11D in AE 11 ferragamo/santoni, but a 10.5D in some other dress shoes... I am assuming I would need a 10-10.5uk in these? There is a whole separate thread RE: my adventures with the Lowndes however in a nut shell I was very worried that they were too small for...
I am looking for my next shoe and looking for advice from wise minds. I had recently purchased a pair of C&J Lowndes and could not be more happier with the thinner elongated last so I am looking for something similar but maybe in an oxford and not necessarily English. I have been looking through the Shoe Porn Damage thread and I have no doubt beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one shoe brand that caught my eye is Romano Martegani. Ideally shoe is...
Lacoste - $200+ for a pair of shoes made in Vietnam and the classic polo now virtually not made in France anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM I'd agree with Chelseas, but I think double strap monks, especially a sleek one, looks great out at night, the buckles hint at excitement. I often wear these To Boots as a night shoe. Not so expensive that I'm paranoid about getting a drink sloshed about. I ll second the Double Monk as I recently got a pair. Wore them out recently and were a real headturner.....but then again I do live in Sydney *sigh*
Nice however I do have one question which may sound silly......is buying shoes meant to be like stamp collecting?
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma I don't recall having seen anyone post the Lowndes in black yet. An awesome show. Here are mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by jjl5000 Ok that ain't good however having said that the flash on your camera and such good polishing hasn't done the shoe and its creases any favours. Are you still happy with them?
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent I think he means 1880... I've only got one pair of Loake - Kempton boots. Leather is decent and finishing isn't bad. They're certainly slimmer looking in the flesh than on Pediwear's site. Quite happy with Pediwear's service. The Norwich looks very nice, but I do wonder how it will crease. Good point about the creasing.
I am contemplating a purchase on the Loake Norwich in Burnished Dark brown. Although I was looking for a whole shoe with drilled holes on the toes in dark brown, this one isn't too bad in terms of looks. If there are any owners of this shoe or other sharp minds I am open to influence and advice. This is an F last like all standard Loakes. The E last is somewhat marginally too narrow on my Crocket and Jones Lowndes however I like the thinner look of them. I am hoping...
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