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I am not a Shiraz fan however my old Boss and a few other people think quite highly of the 'Bishop' as a reasonably priced drop.
You can't do much about it other than make a mental note of those people who do come through for you in life.
The high of the Endorphins released after a 10k run.
I recall there was an interview done with Daniel Craig for his first Bond flick Casino Royale regarding his workout regime to get into shape. He made the comment that he worked out hard 5 days a week and then on weekends went out and got himself pissed. Any trainers or guru's on this forum know what he would have gone through in terms of training, diet, and probably had a team of trainers, dieticians, masseuses (with and without happy ending) and etc. I understand at a...
Do you mind if I ask what shoe care products do you use and your technique if its not secret squirrel.
Ok this obviously is not me. I am interested in knowing what the consensus is around how this suite fits on Daniel Craig and how closely does the 'consensus' and 'group think' rate this suite against the principals that have been expounded many of a time on this forum about what a suite is, and what it is not! I have learnt on this forum that there is for example a preference for higher arm holes over lower. How does his jacket arm holes rate. Obviously this is not...
Was wondering if there were any Bain & Company fellow posters on this forum. PM me if you do not mind. Thanks
Fate has not always be kind to me on the battle field however it was kind enough to show me the way to this site and learn about shoes. I agree Men's shoes in Sydney are hideous.
Has anyone on this forum been to a Kepner and Tregoe problem solving course? I am thinking of doing the Problem Solving and Decision Making 2 day workshop. Unfortunately due to the major global f...up I am forced to pay my own way(as opposed getting the company to pay) so was interested in other people's experience and whether they considered it value or just fluff? Thanks
Ignore my ignorance however is there not a danger of falling into a depressive state should you ever go off them? I assume however under medical supervision this should not be a problem.
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