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I am planning to put forward my CV to the local office global Management Consulting firm. It may not be the best moment in history to do this however I have nothing to lose. I have most of the usual stuff in there such as obviously my personal details, previous work experience, postgraduate studies and etc. Is there anything else particular I should add? I have combed through their website and they obviously have all those lovely fluffy business words and talk about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Standard Toaster C&J Lowdnes, they arrived this morning. stunning.
To the people who take their spirits seriously be it Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka and etc I wanted to know how much do you factor in the Drunkability and Hangover Effect of the drink when rating it or choosing whether you like it or not. I have read that for example Highland Park scotch is very nice but sits with the drinker well into the next morning while something like a Macallum 12yr will lift you and the next morning you should be fighting fit.? If the next morning is...
So you are a smart dick. Congratulations. You should do whatever will give you 'life long' personal satisfaction. All the short term considerations running through your mind are insignificant as time will fly. Either way you will be the guy who looks down people's gobs or the guy who has to on ocassion stick his finger up an old persons backside. Well done 'smartypance'. Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny Hard decision that I have to make. I got...
aren't Rolex's also a must at these events?
Does anyone have picks of Loakes on the newer Mayfair last?
Yes. When I get a little more older and it would have to also double as a hidden sword.
Omega based on design aesthetics. The Longiness is too busy as already mentioned. You should also be able to swim with the Omega no problems but not sure about the others. I should also disclose that I do have the AT in a blue dial so thats my bias.
I refuse to return to the dark days when I used to wear a 'tent' for a shirt and a 'sack of potatoes' for pants. (not necessarily excluding the potatoes of course)
Although I like expensive watches I believe that the 'man makes the watch' and not the other way around. You can have a diamond encrusted Rolex (or a second hand Submariner with a spec of dust in the dial), however if you are an @sshole you are still an @sshole with or without the watch. You can also be a top shelf type of guy wearing the Timex. With some of these guys there is no need to look at their wrist to measure their success. Their achievements be it in business...
New Posts  All Forums: