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I had my shoes in status 'Awaiting Dispatch' for 2 weeks. I couldn't understand what the problem was if they were ready to go. I wrote them a polite email suggesting that this was my first purchase and if this was going to be an issue then could they cancel the order and I'll go with plal. (not far from the truth as I was prepared a little more). Shipped next day I think most people would agree that there is nothing more painful than waiting forever for an order.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur I too had shit service at Joseph's; you're talking about the one in Strand Arcade, no? +1 on Josephs at the strand. The guy there is a moron and knows little or nothing about the Loakes he carries. The middle aged guy at DJs on the other hand is not bad nor is that mob in Melbourne that carries a selected range of Loakes.
Do you mind oneday posting some shorts of them on your feat? [quote=earthdragon;1745734]Finally Landed - C&J 'Villiers' 9.5E /9536 I just love these Boots. Note the nice job that UPS (or Customs) did, on 'slashing' the box open!
Its a shame such relaxed suites, colors and combinations are not the norm today. I don't think, rather I know I would standout if I deviated away from a daily dark suite in my village of 4million.
I am an enthusiast runner and will do 2 or 3 times a week a run of 5km (3.1Miles) or 10km(6.2Miles). I am looking for advice on how to strengthen my i) knee joins and ii) strengthen my legs generally so they can handle the pounding of running.
To complete my own thread and to add to the knowledge bank regarding Loake shoes. My Loake Dorchester's in the 1880 line on the Mayfair last size 9.5F UK arrived today. I purchased this shoe as an everyday 'beater' to wear to work. I know Loake are not highly regarded on this forum however in the village I live in of 4 million, I hope it will beat the 90% of fashion forward square toe cement jobs made in China. [ Being a size 9.5F their dimensions are as...
The closest I came to 'authentic chinese' cuisine' I think (outside of china) was in an eastern block country that had for political reasons accepted alot of chinese and packed them into condensed high rise dwelling. The Chinese Restaurant downstair served food that was not as 'colourful', 'sweet' or 'glossy' as the food you get in the west. I would not say it was inferior (far from it) instead it seemed less presentable and looked more like a homemade meal.
Looking for comment on Authenticy of Chinese Cuisine prepared in N America and the West is vs Chinese Cuisine back in China. I am under the impression most dishes have been either created or manipulated to match western tastes with an example being Mongolian Lamb and Beef.
Might have been a real tourist thing to do in NY when I was there a couple of years ago however this was memorable. At Carnegie Deli on 7th and so was this but across the atlantic ... Steak Tatare - San Michelle, Paris France
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah The last time they merged with an Italian automaker didn't go so well. Didn't go well becauase Iocca let his love for all things Italian and Tuscan get infront of good business judegement. Did he think buying an Italian Super Car manufacturer the was same as buying a loaf of crusty Italian bread?
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