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I yearn for the day when Crazy Horse Crazy Girl discovers this thread. I guess in some respect you could call it Conne's Doomsday Device. The day she finds out will be 'the day after'. Can some please document Armageddon by taking a picture of her reaction
I think a working group should be formed to pen the defintive Styleforum guide to avoiding the friendzone. Slap it on the front page. It needs to be the 'Amen' of this re-occuring problem.
The solution is not to find a stylish hairstyle instead you should spend the energy to find a stylish hairstylist who will work with you and tell you what will work. Most hairdressers may know how to cut hair but don't know or don't care when it comes to genuine advice. My stylist is a Brit. Britannia is usually very cool when it comes to style and they are very good hairstylists. They are forced through an extensive apprenticeship before they are allowed to cut...
[[SPOILER]]I think there is enough material in this thread to get a Police Artist Sketch of the alleged perp. ? Surely there must be an artist amongst the one of us?
Ok this is the battle of the Leather Chelsea Boots. Like some advice. RM William Comfortline Yearling Chisel Toe http://www.onlinegunshop.co.uk/shopimages/products/extras/Craftsman-Boot-500.jpg Pros: Iconic Australian Boot Preferred darker brown colour Price Weakness Not very slim Crinkles like hell across the vamp (that is meant to be a distinctive feature but I dont buy it) Crockett Jones Chelsea 5 http://www.pediwear.co.uk/crockett/products/250.php Pros: I...
Double headed eagle is a symbol of the Byzantine Empire and former constituents. In Eastern Christian interpretations means an eagle facing Rome (West) and Constantinople (East). Three modern day countries that still carry the double headed eagle on their flags include Russia, Serbia and Albania.
What is being 'tasted' here?
After 760 posts on this thread I think its time we hear from the Crazy Lady. (She's been at the back of the studio wearing headphones oblivious to what has been said) Do you think we could also bring in a third person? A triangle has three points/sides. Perhaps Conne, Crazy Girl and a Midget?
To address plummeting polls, incompetent governance, and lust for power at any cost; the Australian Labour led Government and their Prime Minister is handing cash out again to 'buy' the electorate! http://yhoo.it/IMgG8Y
fake your death by getting a homeless person to drive a porsche off a cliff. make sure everyone is watching
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