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A further few questions re my wedding. A few pieces of information - Early Feb 2015 (Summer in Sydney Australia) - Navy 2 piece suite - Free reign from my fiancee 1. Does my shirt have to be white? Are there any other acceptable colours? 2. Real v.s. fake boutonniere ? 3. Is there a specific colour boutonniere groom must wear. I was thinking white or pink 4. Do my groomsmen wear a different boutonniere? 5. Should I get my father a boutonniere? 6. Color if tie? I have...
Has anyone had any experience with Bagozza? Was considering a suit from them. Are they SF approved?
Considering an off the rack Italian Blue suite for my wedding in Feb from Enrico Bossi at Neutral Bay. Tailor does bespoke but also a range of suits off the rack. Anyone have thoughts or experiences?
Do my groomsman need to be similarly dressed? I don't like the idea that we are all in school uniform but the saleswoman at the suit store suggested we would look disjointed in the wedding photo. My fiancée say's it is up to me.
It will be in a Suburban church followed by a evening sit down dinner reception at a wedding venue by the water overlooking Sydney Harbour. (Not at a fancy hotel but not a pub either )
Planning to get married in February in an Australia Summer, Short of going through 1000+ replies, looking for guidance what is an appropriate suit and colour for what could be a hot summers day?
I am looking for the name of a clothing brand that sports a what appears to be a mermaid figure holding a sabre? I noted the logo on a dress shirt my boss wears and of course do not want to ask him....some sartorial tension which explains why I am not getting pay rises ; )
I have a piece of graphic art that I wish to print poster size and eventually frame with glass. Not sure where to start in terms of the types of printing available and the type of paper I should use. I have heard everything from digital printing to Glycess printing whatever that means...
Thanks. I am thinking mid last century and back. A French oak coffee table was just an example. But to provide you some examples, how does one recognise the authenticity of such pieces of I have randomly found below and then you something like this and full credit for the disclosure by the seller, but I think I would get duped thinking this is more special than it...
My GF and I have started to have an interest in old furnture particularly oak tables and etc. There is heaps of the stuff now that is being manufactured in Asia and treated to look old and whatever. Any pointers how to or where to find resources on how to tell the difference between say a French Oak Coffee Table and a more recent production? Sometimes price is give away but I have been in stores where the owner/dealer appeared to be plugging Asian wares. Thoughts?
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