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I have a Rolex sports model watch and I thoroughly enjoy it. I have 3 pairs of C&J shoes and I enjoy them. Although I have a cheap banged up swatch watch and crappier shoes , I have absolutely no regrets with any of the 4 above mentioned more expensive purchases. I am at a fortunate part of my life where I can make those purchases; however, be assured that I took from no one to make those purchases.
I am going to agree with the OP and most other posters. Heaven help the HR department if I ever rise in my dreams to CEO. In the first 100 days I would fire the whole department and replace the department with behavioural psychologists. The behavioural psychologist would have written in their contracts that coming up with initiatives without the backing of hard data would lead to instant dismissal. Likewise if they cannot create list of rising stars every 6 months then...
Charlse Nahkle shirts. He may be a MTM shirt maker but the labels on his shirts read made in Australia and the quality of workmanship and the quality of the cotton he insists on leaves shirts from Herringbone, Politix, Calibre for dead. Those junky cheaper brands are not even in the same galaxy as Charles Nahkle when it comes to quality.
Got to the hipster neighbourhood in the city you live and find a groovy stylist shop. You will pay a bit more but a hip hairstylist (male or female) will come up with something that will work for you and your face. You need to tell them what you just said here.
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Mine... Uploaded with ImageShack.us That's a good one.
My recent Ballly purchase. Very pleased with it. It also comes in a brown.
The number of Bankers I saw in Sydney today at lunchtime wearing anything lighter than Charcoal was zip zero.
I like the bar and the chairs. The only issue I have with collecting such furniture is that if it is only a 1 off then it is going to stand out in a negative way amongst your other things. My folks have antique stainglassed cupboard that unfortunately does not suit the remaining funiture or room. An Art Deco bar would look great in a room that is fully decorated in that style. This thread and post has given me the idea to go have a look for pictures of rooms that have...
You may also want to change your pillow as this too can influence the quality of your sleep. For a good nights sleep I need a pillow that is not flat, sufficiently springy , and firm enough (but not too firm that I can t 'strangle' during sleep.) I also find the quality of my sleep differs depending whether I sleep on my back or stomach. Other things that may asisst to increase your energy levels and/or relax you: 1) Go for a hard swim or run or Gym workout that will...
How much do you want for the red sofa?
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