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Looking for feedback from anyone who may have done the Veritas 42 Hour full prep GMAT course?
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent What size are you after? Size 4 (which is a large)
Looking for this Ted Baker Ferise Leather Jacket. http://www.stylecompare.co.uk/produc...leather-jacket The Ted Baker site in the UK seems to have sold out. It seems it is last years stock. Every other place that comes up when I google the jacket seems to take me back to the Ted Baker site. What is more frustrating is that my local department store has just got this (out of season) jacket in and is charging twice the advertised price on the TedBaker site. This is...
Quote: Originally Posted by mcqueen 1st dibs prices are way above the market. Are you are shopping for mid-century furnishings? I am particularly fond of Art Deco items (particularly original bronze statues). I also like Scandinavian modern furniture. Even if I could afford the 1stdibs prices; as you have alluded to, I am not sure I want to pay those prices. Unsure where else to look.
Looking for alternative website or trusted ebay sellers that sell nice items and objects like they do on 1stdibs. I am not sure if they reflect market prices; however, they are awefully expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 I've never been a "treat a girl like shit" kind of guy. However, I am the sort of guy that's generally indifferent to everyone (men and women). I tend to do my own thing. When I was younger I was focused on college, as I got older I was focused on my career. I didn't really have the time or inclination to chase after any women. However, I was successful. Not rich, but always well respected in any situation. To put it...
I dont know if it is just me but I find a glass of scotch most enjoyable ( by a factor of 3 to 4 times) after a long hard day at work or anything else that has kept me mentally drained for a period of time. If I have a glass when I am refreshed or at a psychological equilibrium, it is not as pleasing.
I think a good pick me up analogy is to compare yourself to a professional sports star in a team sport. Many top sportsman either bombed out early in his or her career or when they made the wrong transfer to the wrong club. They bombed out not because they were 'shitty but because the 'team' was not right. Not a reflection on the player rather it just maybe did not work out. From your bosses perspective he has to make a decision on the 'now' and what he sees to be the...
Does anyone know of any short business courses worth doing short of doing an MBA? I am looking at something at any of the top business schools in the US or Europe. Something like this perhaps http://www4.gsb.columbia.edu/execed/...tail/10484/CEM I am a PM for a corporate in a business PMO and looking at ways of uplifting myself out of a PM role and into business initiatives or strategy work. I dont see a short course as the silver bullet; however, I am looking at...
Unfortunately I had this done to me by idiot work managers at Friday after work drinks. One was intoxicated because he had drunk a few as it was his last day and the other had a few but not as many as a the other knob. What was worse was that I was wearing brown suede shoes. I could not punch anyone out; nevertheless, it was an act of bastardy and for that moment they were a pack of assholes.
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