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Just dont do what I did ..... think Venice Mestre and Venice are the one and same thing if booking accomodation online. Was suprisingly cheap and then realised why. While in Venice if you like sweets try the wallnut and apple roll/strudel ...i think it is called a 'Miele'
I had a pear of loakes that brought tears to my eyes and increased my blood pressure. After much pain and coming close to throwing them away, they now fit beautifully.
How about a free yogurt sample? http://www.koat.com/r/26814918/detail.html
I would skip Zagreb and go to Belgrade. The night life and cosmopolitan culture beats Zagreb hands down. When it Belgrade at night head down to the pontoons on the Sava and Danube.
Adding to the bike discussion what has been missed has been the poor pedestrian. I don't think a morning passes in the Sydney CBD where you dont get an idiot on a bike running the pedestrian green light and almost taking someone out. (see Park and George St intersection) Nothing against bikes but bike riders need to also adhere to road rules. I will also add that Sydney is by design and by terrain a poor place to ride a bike. Cannot compare Sydney to places like...
Does anyone here know the website that lets you make online purchases by proxy from e-tailers who will not ship to Australia? (Typically from US and UK). I think it is a paypal company.
Quote: Originally Posted by wootx Cool, I know what to do next. Thanks for the input. Why all this hate for 'aperitif"? How do you call drinking before having dinner? How about 'Pre Dinner Drinks'?
Looking for this Ted Baker Ferise Leather Jacket. http://www.stylecompare.co.uk/produc...leather-jacket Size 4
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur I highly recommend Manhattan GMAT (combined with a couple of other resources) for self-study. Can't comment on classes because I never felt the need to take them - I feel that it is much better to go at your own pace and difficulty level assuming that you're disciplined and have all the right materials. I bombed out recently with self study. Could do all the Official guide questions with ease but either I...
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent I'll keep an eye out on my web trawls. There's a department store in Canterbury that still had a lot of TB stuff reduced last week, I'll check there as well if you wanted a proxy. There's the Linter jacket in a large here: http://www.wearecapital.com/ted-bake...ls.asp?id=7758 Thanks ManofKent I will think about the Linter. Not sure about the chunky brass zipper.
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