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Does anyone know of any short business courses worth doing short of doing an MBA? I am looking at something at any of the top business schools in the US or Europe. Something like this perhaps http://www4.gsb.columbia.edu/execed/...tail/10484/CEM I am a PM for a corporate in a business PMO and looking at ways of uplifting myself out of a PM role and into business initiatives or strategy work. I dont see a short course as the silver bullet; however, I am looking at...
Unfortunately I had this done to me by idiot work managers at Friday after work drinks. One was intoxicated because he had drunk a few as it was his last day and the other had a few but not as many as a the other knob. What was worse was that I was wearing brown suede shoes. I could not punch anyone out; nevertheless, it was an act of bastardy and for that moment they were a pack of assholes.
Is there a variation where people do the Polar Bear Dip in the buff? If you are going to do something as extreme then I guess do it properly.....and would hopefully make those girls sans bikini's great eye candy.
Get the Rolex Explorer II in a black dial. You can swim with it and it is far more under the radar than the Sub. You can supposedly even go 'caving' with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by discreteuniverse Speaking of cats, this is also a good choice: Now thats cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz Are you really trying to impress girls @ work using the books on your desk? Wouldn't candy be cheaper and more effective? Ha. I want to impress everyone. Lets face it, unless you work for Google or in some creative field most workplaces are boring and sterile .... rows of desks are like chicken coops. People are also boring as f....k. I am an interesting guy but not very good as showing it so lets start...
This question actually asks a broader question: “What should I put on my desk to grab the attention and impress my colleagues at work?” In terms of current books I have the following leaning next to my pc monitor at work: Atlas Shrugged by Ayan Rand – This shows my rebellious nature and values I live by. Has worked once or twice as conversational piece. The Zurich Axioms – A book written by a Swiss banker that turns investing on its head. Cult reading for the non...
The first thing I thought when I saw this was 'yuck'. The second thing was would I want to buy any other Ferrari now it has that thing in the stable. The third thing I thought was that the front looks like a rip off of the Citroen C4....strange that Ferrari designers are looking for Citroen for inspiration.
Thanks for that. I recently bought a place with a very dated bathroom and en-suite. Although I am renting it out at the moment I am looking to upgrade bathrooms in next 12-18months with a view to moving in myself. Now is a good time to do my research. Vola looks goods and Groehe I am trying to find out where it is made. Additional Question: What is the thinking here between a single shower water mixer and a double? Other than personal preferences are there any other...
Looking for recommendations for high quality bathroom fittings. More precisely I am after a shower head and taps. Maybe something German, Italian or Scandanavian quality if it exists. If can be bought online even better.
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