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....and not from the Oakley website
Coffee, Red Wine and Cheese. If I was asked to choose only 1 for a deserted island stay my answer would be 'i would rather drown in the ocean than have to choose'.
My shoe repairer was not a fan of saphir for the C&J jones shoes I had. He thought it was the wrong type of polish for the particular leather finnish eventhough he was fan of Saphir.
Hmm I lucked out with a chick who thought I was too nice. Her BF is supposedly BadAss. I have worked for a house in an affluent suburb, he shares accomodation with 6 others. Now who do you think in the long term is going to have an easier life? The nice guy or the badass? ..... She can have him.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Are you sure about that? Website still said 3 last time I looked. Why dont you just go and visit him and meet the man and his fabrics if you are in Sydney. I started i think with 2 and every once in a while I go back and we have a shir relationship. Some of his fabrics are exquisite and when I wear one of his shirts at work it turns heads.
I have to write a speech that will include references to well known examples of people or persons who have been victimes of broken hearts. I am sure there is plenty of material on the Broken Up with Girlfriend thread; however, I need to use names and examples that people may have heard of. To start with I have the story of Samson and Delilah. Could use Romeo and Juliet but that is fiction.
Can someone please explain to a non American the romanticism of 'Ronald Reagan'. He has an aircraft carrier named after him and an airport in Washington and probably countless other things named after him. He is also regularly referred to by Sarah Palin. I understand he was a Republican so I would be interested in hearing both from all sides and parties from the political spectrum.
Globetrotter I like your approach. Glad your giving your kids a good lesson on their American and Jewish background. Makes me cringe when I see people (and particularly young girls) cross over into certain religion(s) and sects that are completely foreign to them only because they were never brought up to belong to something. When they hit 18,19 or 20 they then find a gap in their lives and usually become vulnerable to the first sweet talking idiot who first charms them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Beetleything Jesus....some of you guys to need to MAN UP!! Watch a John Wayne movie or CLint for crisake!!! Walk away .....into the sunset and ....keep going...... what's with all the whimpering???? Hollywood does not make those types of movies anymore....
I am over my current job as a PM in a Business PMO in a finance company and looking to move on. In a nut shell much is asked of me (accountability, managing multiple projects, managing managers that struggle with the managing part and etc) but little is returned. I was promoted up to PM but not promoted money wise so it is time to move on. What I am looking for is ‘system’ for monitoring other companies I would like to work for. I can easily pound a jobs search site...
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