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Want to buy Bally boots with zip when in Europe (Vienna preferably) and would like to know price in a Bally store. I am assuming price is similar across EU states.
I will add my 5cents worth and note that not only is it an enjoyable challenge to re-invent yourself with your clothes and who you are; but also, note that you will need to re-adjust your confidence because people will notice and generally better dressed people do stand out amongst it at work, home, or a social setting. I recently purchased umm a pinkstriped shirt. (Now I dont expect you to do this is) The guy who sold it to me was a New Yorker a long way...
I am with the OP on this one.
At 28 I would take the role and not look back. I dont think you are too young and obviously the powers to be dont think so either. If it makes you feel better Alexander the Great conquered all of what was the known world (and partly the uknown) at a much younger age. I dont think you should ever allow yourself to believe in a pecking order or a defined timeframe. If you are being promoted you must be doing something right.
Quote: Originally Posted by insolentpup I'm 20, have 2 weeks to spare in summer, and have to go somewhere in europe on my own. I'm looking for culture, women, sun and anything else thats cool. suggestions? Women, Sun and Culture sounds like the Coast of Spain. Yes Milan is boring.
WTB: Anderson's Italian Braided Leather belt online
....and not from the Oakley website
Coffee, Red Wine and Cheese. If I was asked to choose only 1 for a deserted island stay my answer would be 'i would rather drown in the ocean than have to choose'.
My shoe repairer was not a fan of saphir for the C&J jones shoes I had. He thought it was the wrong type of polish for the particular leather finnish eventhough he was fan of Saphir.
Hmm I lucked out with a chick who thought I was too nice. Her BF is supposedly BadAss. I have worked for a house in an affluent suburb, he shares accomodation with 6 others. Now who do you think in the long term is going to have an easier life? The nice guy or the badass? ..... She can have him.
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