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Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk idk why you keep going to amazon, i gave you a great list of places to see a good shoe for similar prices, i wouldnt go for florsheim, they dont seem that great I am after a sleek boot with Zip. Do not like the brown elastic on the Trickers
Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk so man... any thoughts? Yes I think you are right. No matter how convincing the sales girl sounds I cant get my head over a glued rubber sole at that price point no matter how light they make the boot. Agree with your suggestions however not crash hot about a Chelsea. Considering these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...pf_rd_i=507846 These are meant to be Italian Made.
I have been looking at these Bally Boots and have tried them on at my local Bally store. Leather feels good and I like the style. They are very light weight with a rubber sole that the Bally salesgirl insists includes a rubber pigment that allows the sole to last longer than a leather sole and gives it its light weight. By no means are these shoes cheap price wise so I am soliciting opinions and/or alternate boots in a similar style (ankle and zip) that brings better bang...
Want to buy Bally boots with zip when in Europe (Vienna preferably) and would like to know price in a Bally store. I am assuming price is similar across EU states.
I will add my 5cents worth and note that not only is it an enjoyable challenge to re-invent yourself with your clothes and who you are; but also, note that you will need to re-adjust your confidence because people will notice and generally better dressed people do stand out amongst slobs...be it at work, home, or a social setting. I recently purchased umm a pinkstriped shirt. (Now I dont expect you to do this is) The guy who sold it to me was a New Yorker a long way...
I am with the OP on this one.
At 28 I would take the role and not look back. I dont think you are too young and obviously the powers to be dont think so either. If it makes you feel better Alexander the Great conquered all of what was the known world (and partly the uknown) at a much younger age. I dont think you should ever allow yourself to believe in a pecking order or a defined timeframe. If you are being promoted you must be doing something right.
Quote: Originally Posted by insolentpup I'm 20, have 2 weeks to spare in summer, and have to go somewhere in europe on my own. I'm looking for culture, women, sun and anything else thats cool. suggestions? Women, Sun and Culture sounds like the Coast of Spain. Yes Milan is boring.
WTB: Anderson's Italian Braided Leather belt online
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert this is essentially what Australia does now. rich or educated. No this is not what Australia does now. If you are educated and are unfortunate enough to lose your job while on a working visa you have 30 days to leave the country. I know cases of well meaning people who were highly educated, whose values were inline with the general values of Australia, who paid their taxes, who had children enrolled and...
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