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Ok I want to get Rob Lowe's 'physique' as per his recent front cover on Vanity Fair. http://socialitelife.com/a-shirtless...-photo-03-2011 Lets cut to the chase. What do I need to do in terms of diet and exercise? What does Rob do? I am few + a few more years his junior so I should already have a head start. Without being ghey he has great pecks, arms, collar bones and jawlines . Definately no man love here but want to look good.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel no way this is a real thread. no way. It just can't be. It is real my friend. I had my @ss almost handed to me by this chick. She kept complaining that I was going to takeoff and she ended hanging onto me at pace short of 2-3 feet all the way to the finnish. We were both wrecked at the end of the run. The parachute was not required
Quote: Originally Posted by scientific you forgot option #5: jog slowly with her but keep it alpha by wearing a 40 lbs vest. when she asks tell her u are thinking of going out for the SEALs. Yeah I thought of wearing a parachute vest to be ultra alpha but the chute might get in the way
Quote: Originally Posted by worldrunner You not going to run with her for the workout but for the companionship.. DO your running in your own time.. Also in my experience woman naturally pick up the pace around men in ways that always confused me.. Enjoy your time with her and go for a double after work. Yes I agree. Fundamentally I am not running for my own sake (otherwise I would go out hard by myself like a true warrior) but heck I have to ...
Quote: Originally Posted by osadolor619 Behind her. Yes that would be a great view. Maybe I can be a little cheeky and fall behind and pretend I am struggling and then take off : ) Quote: Originally Posted by Perfection Yes behind to keep a close eye on her speed and movements close enough to speak but sneak in a soft little tap on the butt cheek. the run should be relaxed if you want to go fast... then its the girls...
One of my better looking colleagues at work has agreed to go for a run/jog with me at lunch time. She is above average fit i.e. she can jog a few miles but by no means a Tri Athlete. So my question is how should I run so she gets something out of it or another way to put it 'how does a physically and fitness superior guy run with a girl? 1) Alpha Male Run - Take off and leave her (Least Desirable) 2) Keep enough distance so she has to chase after me. Means I have to...
So how do we explain this? http://au.news.yahoo.com/odd/a/-/odd...-china-skyline
I wear the Oakley Flak Jacket. Interchangeable lens and the orange lens is great for low light.
Ok who has been and how much money do you need to have an ok time? Is it overrated?
The previous issues of GQ Australia has a 1 page advertisement for a Chan from HK.
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