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I could not find on a search any threads that address the issue of Brown vs. Black lens sunglasses from a style and aesthetics perspective. In particular whether the brown is better suited to people with fairer complexion and the black perhaps for darkhaired. I am tossing up between a black or a brown lens pair of Persols. Any thoughts on topic...
...and how does it hold up against creasing?
I am looking online at an Isaia Wool (75%) Linen (25%) sports coat. Any thoughts on the composition of this sports coat? Does this type of blend suggest this is a summer/cool wearing coat? Thanks
Ill answer my own post for the purposes of completion.....ties are made in China.
My ultimate satirical ambition in life has been to be able to pull off the white linen jacket and change my name to Sonny. Unfortunately not much luck having gone through a few jackets and then abandoning them because I can't get the right fit. Below is my latest attempt. I suspect it is a little too big but in particular the shoulders seems to hard and square and before I find a tailor, I wanted to ask whether it is possible to have the current shoulder pads removed and...
Cannot for the life of me find online where the range of Austin Read Red Nick Hart ties are made?? Any British brothers out there know ? Thanks
I have landed on a navy suite and want the Silver Tie. Any thoughts which of 2 pictured? Concerned the lighter tie may look washed out particularly with my jacket off on a white shirt. Thoughts?
Thoughts on what is the best material for a summer beige suit? Wool has been suggested to me that it does not easily hold lighter colours hence cotton or linen. Appreciate any thoughts or opinions. Thanks
Anyone has experience with House of Ties Knits and Grenadine Ties.?
I am certain I will go with a Navy Suit. However, my latest dilemma is whether to go for the waistcoat or not and whether in a silver or matching navy blue? I like the look of the chap with the silver waistcoat, although I agree there is too much co-ordination with tie, waistcoat and pocket square. I was at a men's outfitter today and tried on a blue navy Italian suit (silver tie) with the matching navy waistcoat and it looked amazing. Any thoughts on the colour of a...
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