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Looking for advice how true to size do Rivieras Leisure shoes fit to size. Are the spot on or do you size up or down from your normal size?
Thoughts on merits of a Black vs Dark Blue (navy) soft leather briefcase like Linjer, Bally style? The briefcase is for work in a bankg/investment bank I'll be starting at later date this month. I wear charcoal, blue striped suits. My work footwear rotation are black pairs of Loake and Allen Edmond shoes (I want to keep both sides of the Atlantic happy ) I am leaning to the Dark Blue as it may better work with brown shoes I may wear on Fridays. But black I guess is the...
My wife have 5 days next week in South France. We are expecting to fly into Nice and then thought of driving up to Monaco and then back to Avignon where we need to meet with some family. Appreciate any tips on itineraries, accommodation, must sees and best options for hire car (book online). Thanks
I will be shortly arranging flowers with my fiancée for our upcoming wedding. My fiancée is by no means fussed or tied to tradition but the flower lady has already told me I need to coordinate my flower with the brides bouquet. I am all for taking advice from those in the know, but in the case I am not a fan of being dictated to by traditionalists. I want to keep the look and silhouette of my suit without having this massive thing with a flower I don't like hanging off my...
Does anyone own a pair of blue lens Persol Sunglasses? As I understand it, blue lens makes light brighter and perhaps not for a sunny day like a Black, Gray, Green lens?
I had an experience yesterday that re-affirmed why bricks and mortar men's clothing stores are the pits in Sydney, Australia. I popped into 2 stored in the leafy suburb of Mosman (to which those with too much money and not enough sense (and cents) buy the summer pant, loud shirt and/or un spiring tie. Of the 2 stores and their 4 sales staff only 1 knew what a Grenadine Silk tie was! The most amusing answer I received was 'we don't carry that brand'. I can appreciate...
Two great responses. I note to the left of my post the featured story and picture of Luca Rubinacci wearing a pair of gray Tortoise sunglass. Unfortunately I am a little leaned towards form over function (brown over gray) but I will keep thinking about the comments.
I could not find on a search any threads that address the issue of Brown vs. Black lens sunglasses from a style and aesthetics perspective. In particular whether the brown is better suited to people with fairer complexion and the black perhaps for darkhaired. I am tossing up between a black or a brown lens pair of Persols. Any thoughts on topic...
...and how does it hold up against creasing?
I am looking online at an Isaia Wool (75%) Linen (25%) sports coat. Any thoughts on the composition of this sports coat? Does this type of blend suggest this is a summer/cool wearing coat? Thanks
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