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How about something with a more square toe? The round toes make it look a bit more like roper cowboy boots....the problem I've always had with RMW. My JM Westins have the round toe....looks amazing!
Hi, I bought a pair of JM Weston a few years ago and a pair of Gucci's last year. I have a feeling that because they were calfskin, they tended to get nicked or cut easily when traveling. On the other hand I do have 5 year old Prada's I've worn all over the world almost everyday. They still look great shined and don't have any nicks. I need a new pair of Chelsea dress boots. What do you all recommend? I want something that will last and still look good as my Pradas....
Hi, I'm on the market for a new suit and want something european that I can wear on a daily basis. I'm on the road every week and want something that will hold up to the stress of travel. I have a Ted Baker that shows no signs of wear. Yes the Endurance line seems to work very well on the road. I picked up a Paul Smith last year, and the buttons are getting cracked on the sleeves, and it shows little cotton balls already on the shoulders....it gets mistaken for...
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had these..l http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...0550cat6750735 Are they durable and are they as comfortable as they look? I'd like to see these last 3-5 years. If not, I'll spend my money elsewhere. Thanks, Danny
So for those of you who really thinned out the herd, how thin were you able to get it? I'm thinking about thinning my wardrobe down to a handful of quality pieces. Any recommendations?
Some sort of medallion would be nice.
Attention to detail....maybe I should have said additional detail. The JMW jodhpur is what I'm talking about. That is a very nice design and I like what's happening on the area of the tip. Without additional detail like those JMW Jodhpurs, you might as well be wearing ropers. Does JMW make a chelsea with additional details in the toe area?
The Prada ones look better than the RM Williams....definitely. There seems to be too many ripples on the top of the boot, which demonstrates lack of shape. The pradas look sleek and trim...it has a defined shape. The problem with chelseas for me is that they're really nondescript and lack character-especially when standing. In Texas we have an equivalent boot to the Chelsea....the roper. http://www.nashvilleboots.com/laredo_m_2886_prd1.htm The Gucci's look to...
I agree with previous poster that sometimes higher end clothes, such as jeans may not last as long nor hold their shape for a long period of time due to the soft denim being used. I have a pair of Melting Pots that are just plain baggy after 2 years of using them once a week.
The thing about the RM Williams Chelsea is they're flat and almost shapeless in my opinion. Taking that into context what to you all think of these? I know they're an arm and a leg, but they do have pizzaz. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...0550cat6750735
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