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I tried the new fall trench on at H&M today... it was actually pretty damn well considering I'm not a tall person and most things fit long on me, especially trenches. Might be worth considering, especially considering the price is right. Tried to find a link but it didn't work... peep it on their online store, just say you're in Sweden or whatever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 Is 39'' really all that big? It's kind of annoying when you have a slim waist. My waist is about a 32 and I have a 41 ass, which tends to get in the way a little bit. Just lay off those squats
ahhhh if those were a 32... mayyybe even a 33 I would be all over them
Free Bump for a sick wardrobe
Quote: Originally Posted by bob_gnarly I have a pair, and ordered a half size down from what i usually buy. I wear a 12 in most shoes, converse, vans, adidas. Got an 11.5 in the RW inspired boots and they fit good with the sufficient toe room that i like. With a thick pair of socks they fit like a glove. thanks!
sorry guys i forgot to subscribe to this thread haha so i completely forgot. i'll have the measurements up tonight.
I'm about to pull the trigger on some red wings, the RW Inspired ones. Can anyone give me an idea of how they fit? I'm a pretty true 10.5, but I heard they fit a little big.
I've got a pair of Naked and Famous Chinos, size 32, that I'd like to size up a little bit on. I've gotten them hemmed about 2 inches and worn them less than 5 times.
drop. 120 shipped!
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