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I've also got a pair of these exact ones for sale, so free bump for pronxs and check out my post as well
Quote: (500 extra calories/visit) x (2 visits/month) x (12 months/year) = 12000 cal/year (12000 cal/year) x (20 years) x (1/3500 lb/cal) = 68 lbs Perhaps mixing in a jog during these 20 years might help...
Where do you live?
Link on the original post goes to the pics. Emailed you anyways. Here's the link again for anybody that's curious.
100 Shipped
110 Shipped! Open for trades I guess but would rather sell these for cash as they're still brand new.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson That's great for your kitchen staff. How does your service staff respond? I could see it making things between FOH and BOH maybe a little more smooth and nicer, because they're all working toward the same money, rather than the cooks going home from their $10/hr job, watching the waiters count their $300 in tips as they walk out. For the most part our FOH staff is girls, and yeah some of them complain...
My restaurant.
One thing I think a lot of people don't realize is that at a lot of places the kitchen staff gets tipped out of either a tip pool or a percentage of tips made by the waitress/server/hostess. It doesn't take the kitchen any less time/effort to cook your take-out as it did to cook someone's dine-in food. Just something to think about the next time you put that extra $2.50 towards your next pair of kicks.
Very interested... but broke. So just a free bump?
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